Psycho Killer card game: Overview and how to play -

Psycho Killer card game: Overview and how to play

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A psycho killer is trying to get you and your friends. You will need to use all the tricks you can to get away! Slam the door, hide under the bead or throw your, friends, friends under the bus and leave them for dead! It’s all up to you to try to get away from the killer!

These is some of the things you will get to do in Psycho killer and I will show you how to play it and give you an overview of the gameplay in this video. Psycho killer is a card game from Escape tabletop games and I will get your blood pumping!

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00:00 Intro
02:14 About the game
03:00 Psyco Killers
03:24 Black cards
04:06 Set-up
04:48 Turns
09:11 Symbols
10:00 Left for dead
10:38 Who won?
11:13 Final thoughts
11:51 Thank you for watching!

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  1. If you enjoyed this video pls hit thumbs up and subscribe to the channel, thx for the support!

  2. He took too long to get to the point and I've lost interest in this video

  3. Just bought the game. Excited to start playing!!

  4. So… Like Exploding Kittens but with serial killers and a retro style?.Im in

  5. Haha, just a regular day in Richard Jenders life 🤣😍🍩🍪🥧☕

  6. Somehow that game play style reminds me of exploding kittens with few different rules (like the damage add up).

  7. That intro was amazing! And maybe rock paper scissors spock lizard rules would end a tie 🙂

  8. This is helpful. More helpful than the included directions with the game. Thank you!

  9. Betrayal includes you as well when played! So the chainsaw should’ve come out then and not with the Psycho killer draw on that turn.

  10. Great video! Cannot WAIT to receive my copy!!!!

  11. Great video and very funny! Looks like an interesting game! Subscribed!! 😀

  12. Game looks a lot like Exploding Kittens 😂

  13. Just played this game for the first time tonight, I really like card games. Seems like my understanding of the rules was a bit off. I was under the assumption that you could only play one card from your hand each turn (in addition to cards that play automatically in certain scenarios), didn't know you could play as many as you wanted. Guess I thought that because I play Dominion a fair bit. I also thought that EVERYONE automatically places all their Injury Cards into their Injury Pile whenever someone draws (and therefore plays) a Psycho Killer, but from the way you explained it, it seemed like you only place them down if YOU draw the Psycho Killer.

    I also find it funny that you describe this as a 'party game' as a common horror movie cliche is to have something bad happen during a party.

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