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Quick & Dirty Card Games

Lisa Foiles
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  1. now there is a short video of Lisa playing army men and getting mad and throwing one at Kevin

  2. If you liked Love Letter and Cards against Humanity, you should check out Secret Hitler. It's from the same guy(s) that created Cards against Humanity, iirc, and it's just a pretty cool social deception kinda game. It's not 'released' yet, but the creators provided a free print-version and manual. Quick google search should spit that out 😀

  3. Bang is another good one, and it moves pretty fast.

  4. Other pretty quick and simple card games:
    Channel A (imagine cards against humanity but with improv)
    Boss Monsters (kinda like Munckin)

  5. I am going to be madly jealous (or envious? not sure which one the right one) the day you get engaged. Seriously: drop dead gorgeous, fan of (at least a subset of) modern board and cards games, CAN RECITE THE NUMBER OF THE TRASH DISPOSAL LUKE AND HAN WERE TRAPPED IN FROM MEMORY, nice singing voice, excellent dancer. Maybe you named two cats with the same name, but everyone has their quirks. I know to say so is a bit passe, but the feeling I think is perfectly natural given all of your amazing qualities.

  6. @lisafoiles are you married? just noticed the ring, congrats if so

  7. Can Americans please stop speaking German when referring to Dutch? It's fucking infuriating! Also, this Dutch Blits isn't Dutch at all?

  8. redheaded women are the best women on the planet!

  9. 1 1/2 h for Munchkin? The last round I played lasted 6h, with 5 players, the original game and 4 expansions. IT was hard but fun.

  10. Cards Against Humanity is excruciating when players don't get the terms/jokes. I don't want to have to explain what the Three Fifths Rule is.

  11. oh look at me I'm Lisa. I'm way too busy to play big boardgames because I'm all grown up and shit 😉

  12. Make a list of the games featured in the description with links please!

  13. Smash Up! is a good game that has not much set up and a simple premise. I enjoy it a lot, especially seeing as the "decks" are randomised amalgamations of two "half" decks that you smash together. And yes, Lisa, you do get to screw over your friends 🙂

  14. munchkin rules!… although I prefer it with a board… but!!!… check out Sheriff of Nottingham, another game where bullsh*tting skills are a must!

  15. I like Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, and Munchkin. I'll need to check out the others.

  16. I run the tabletop room at Ikasucon totally not incorporating the games not yet acquired into the library.

  17. I have played all these games and they are amazing! check out the Batman version of Love Letter

  18. Fluxx. But you may not like the continually changing rules….

    And yes, playing with people who are clearly uncomfortable kinda kills it.

  19. Poor Lisa, doesn't even have time to play video games anymore. Yet she still takes the time out of her schedule to make videos for nerds like us. Thank you.

  20. Pfft…. LYING SKILLS. Lets play some Mia, Lisa, and watch you lie to me.

  21. I played almost all of them, I was the champion on Speed at a point in the old times 😛 Although I won't be aable to play with you :/ since I'm in Argentina

  22. Zero setup and screwing people over with cards….I'd add milles bournes to the list.

  23. What is hell, is being asked to join in a game of CAH with a church group who just picked it up not reading anything except the title.

  24. Munchkin! I love that one too! we need to play!

  25. I've made friends cry in Cards Against Humanity. Out of laughter and just straight murdering their souls

  26. I want to throw out that super fight and the ultimate showdown(card game not based off the song) are really easy fun games.

  27. I'd fit you into my busy schedule if you'd fit me in. To…..to your schedule.

  28. Don't forget that playing CAH with people who don't have compatible humor can be really lame, too. Far too often have I seen genius plays just passed over in favor of something that barely even makes sense. :/

  29. Let's not forget about UNO! My all time favorite quick card game. As for Cards Against Humanity it's usually pretty fun, I just have to set up an end goal, otherwise the game drags on longer than it should.

  30. She's still so pretty. I had a crush on her back when All That was a thing. Ahh what never will be

  31. Munchkin is probably my favorite card game as well.

  32. Yu-Gi-Oh!!!…does anyone play that anymore ?

  33. I've played Dutch Blitz a lot, so fun! I've only played a Munchkin game once, but I quite enjoyed it.

  34. Lisa, I love you, but you can do better than CAH and Munchkin!

  35. Resistance is not a card game, but it's really fun and quickie!!!!!

  36. haha always love you & your videos. Really entertaining!
    Been a fan since All That!

  37. You should try Resistance, espionage, subterfuge, and of course, screwing over your friends… 😉

  38. You should check out Linkage. Its a super simple card game designed around the way DNA chains are formed.

  39. Another really good card game is called fluxx. You know the game Calvin Ball, from Calvin and Hobbes? It's like that, but with cards. The rules constantly change. It's amazing.

  40. You should play We Didn't Playtest This At All. A game can last a minute or a few seconds. The premise is draw one play one, and each card tells you what to do. That's it. It's completely random and hilarious.

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