Raiders vs. Bengals Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2021 -

Raiders vs. Bengals Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2021

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  1. The Bengals score a touchdown even though the referees blew the whistle before the pass. We got screwed again by the NFL. 1) Immaculate Deception 2) Bogus Tuck Rule 3) Inadvertent Whistle Blown

  2. The Bengals score a touchdown even though the referees blew the whistle before the pass. We got screwed again by the NFL. 1) Immaculate Deception 2) Bogus Tuck Rule 3) Inadvertent Whistle Blown

  3. The Raiders played with heart, to the bitter end. Lost in the last play of the game. I tip my hat to the Bengals. RN4L!!! ☠️🏴‍☠️☠️

  4. Season of adversity and only 1 play away from beating the afc champs

  5. I went to the game energy was crazy I went to about 5 games last season this one by far the loudest glad I could witness our teams first playoff win in 30 years

  6. every week I come back to this game. im 22 and been a fan since chad johnson was out there showing himself. after all these years of disappointment this game made me feel so great. something I had never experienced before. after the interception and just knowing it was ours. I just layed on my bedroom floor staring at the ceiling for 30 mins just too dumbfounded to speak.

  7. Happy for the Bengals. The Las Vegas Field Goal Kickers just couldn't pull it off; their QB is like a gourmet chef who cooks amazing meals all the time, but whenever there's a visiting dignitary to the restaurant he serves a steaming pile of crap (how long would a restaurant hang onto a chef like that?)…

  8. 5:56 If the whistle blows while the play is session, It's a dead play. That should not have been a TD. Thank god Jerome Boger got suspended for the rest of the playoffs because of that controversial whistle

  9. As a Bengals fan that last drive gave me so much PTSD thinking we were gonna blow it again

  10. I was happy to see the bengals lose that super bowl so now they are 0-3 in the big game and if the whistle blows then the play is over, so why is the referee allowing the bengals to have touchdown against the raiders after the whistle had already blown and I noticed Boomer Esiason didn’t want to talk about that and where was he after the bengals lost the big game.

  11. Derek Carr was making some good throws
    I'm impressed fasho

  12. The season was a rousing success for the Bengals the minute Pratt made that interception at the goal line to end the 31-year drought – Cincinnati fans would have been perfectly satisfied with the season had they lost the next week against the Titans after this.

  13. I’m a Bengal fan and I think that the Bengals need to get rid of Eli Apple

  14. What's Out There?!? Edi. 19: Earth & The Hominini says:

    how no flag on 3rd & goal???

  15. the hottest hot take of all time Zay Jones is underrated

  16. Carr should’ve hit Waller at the late tight end release out route & it would’ve been Walter 1v1 against the DB at the 5 yard line to get in the end zone, but instead he threw a bullet to a WR in zone coverage trying to squeeze the ball in. He had more time in the pocket too man, sucks… raiders could’ve won this & the refs called a Shitty game too.

    Also the raiders had a lot of mistakes too on there end, hopefully this year they improve & make a run in the playoffs🙏🏽🙏🏽

  17. So glad my Raiders finally got DC4 a true #1 WR. This season is bout to be special.🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  18. Cincinnati, your Bengals have won a playoff game

  19. There where 4 defining events in this game that lost the raiders the game, 1 payton grabbed the kickoff at the 3 instead of letting it go, made that drive dead, 2 is desean jackson dropped a wide open 3rd down pass to make it 1st and goal, 3 the td that was given to the bengals when the whistle was blown before the ball was caught which by rule is a dead ball, and 4 is a 3rd down catch by renfrow wile taking 2 steps after the catch and fumbled they called it was a incomplete catch, and you cant say im lying either the refs where suspended for the rest of the year because they blew it so bad!!! Its ok tho the bengals don't stand a change against Vegas this year! If they play itll be a playoff game in vegas!

  20. tears in my eyes, it’s been a rough 30 years as a bengals fan. Needed this.

  21. That Derek Carr throw to Waller with 1:13 in the game, was the most beautiful and clutch throw i seen by him in years

  22. Great true story,book title-"Cowboy Mafia "…

  23. The last time raiders won a playoff game my great, great grandma was around.

  24. Last throw was carrs fault but it’s all good the offense is gonna be way more deadly this season if they can move the ball last season imagine with adams now

  25. And the raiders fans swear the raiders are the best 😂 just admit they are garbage

  26. The amount of times Raiders drove the ball down the field and only got 19 points says a lot. Carr with +300 yards but Raiders had one of the worst redzone offense in the league. Sad hopefully adding Davante Adams changes that.

  27. If The Raiders Still Has Their Old Defense Coach They Would Have Not Put Desmond Trufant #10 & Brandon Facyson #35 On Ja’Marr Chase I Support Joe Burrow & Ja’Marr Chase I’m Just Giving The Raiders Some Assistance On Their DBS Like Put Him On Casey Hayward #29 & Nate Hobbs #39 On Ja’Marr Chase They Was the Only Ones Doing They Job On Defense.

  28. So on the most important play of the year the raiders decide to put Waller and Hunter in a decoy situation. Wtf. Hunter runs a quick flat out and Waller runs a wheel

  29. Damn refs, they really hate the raiders huh? You can clearly here the ref blowing the whistle WHILE the ball is still in the air.

  30. If Carr would've thrown to his TE Derek Carrier Raiders would have won the game…

  31. Man we really need Quentin Jefferson back ASAP!!

  32. I had to watch more commercials here than I did during the full live game.

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