Rays vs. Guardians Wild Card Game 1 Highlights (10/7/22) | MLB Postseason Highlights - c4gamingstudio.com

Rays vs. Guardians Wild Card Game 1 Highlights (10/7/22) | MLB Postseason Highlights

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Rays vs. Guardians full game highlights from 10/7/22.

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  1. Justin Bieber is a better pitcher than a singer. Congrats on the win guardians

  2. I wish this had been the prime time game. I followed this on my phone some; but it would've been great to catch this one.

  3. I understand it's the playoffs and all that. And usually I don't mind what some call "bush league" (ex: hitting for the fences against a position player when your team is up 15)…but that was pretty ridiculous for the Rays to challenge that. Who wants to win that way?

  4. なんだかんだエース、主砲が活躍!

  5. It’s gotta be such a blow to the rays that they lost despite a fantastic pitching performance

  6. 切り抜きに沼るグレッグル says:


  7. Francona. Hope I spelled that correctly. #LawnCare Stand up guy. A lot of cuts to collect, one of three gents.

  8. I’m lowkey jealous on how these two teams are run. They don’t have a high payroll but are always contending every year

  9. As a Red Sox Fan, Seeing TB Lose makes me smile

  10. Кошмарный вилд карт все четыре мои команды проиграли,а хотя все шло к четвёртой гостевой победе…но думаю у всех четырёх нет шансов дальше особенно у сиэтла и филы та и у кливленда тоже!

  11. Okay literally if it's a homerun, nobody, and I mean NOBODY cares if you hit the bases.


  13. Do the guardians still have that guy who bangs on the drums all game long?? Haven't watched any of their games this season

  14. Outdoor Adventures With Austin Miller says:

    What a outstanding win for the guardians if their offense is dominant and they have dominant pitching like they did in game one this is how you can win a world series as for God I am thankful he helped the guardians win this game if he can help them win the other one I would greatly appreciate it since mother nature has not been doing a very good job this year giving me heavy rain and a inch or more of rain and Newark Ohio at my house is approaching almost 50 days in a row without a inch or more of rain and Newark Ohio's streak of going 52 days in a row without a inch or more of rain could be in jeopardy I am still mad at mother nature that she did not let the remnants of Ian give Newark Ohio at my house a inch or more of rain the damage that they got down there is catastrophic and I'm worried that a significant derecho may damage many houses in my neighborhood including my house in the future if mother nature does not stop blocking the heavy rain and storms from hitting Newark Ohio and the water levels are very low raccoon Creek the licking River South fork licking River and the North fork licking River are very low and there is a lot of standing water behind a small concrete waterfall by the waterworks Road bridge below the dam

  15. Эх, Шейн я так надеялся на идеальную игру, атакующая импотенция была предсказуема. Блин, все гости выиграли кроме нас. Печальное зрелище, что бы так играть нехер выходить в плей-офф.

  16. Jose Mr. La PARA Ramirez!!!!!!!!, Bieber and Clase were fantastic too


  18. Congratulations Cleveland. Awesome win. Keep it going eh!

  19. All these people taking the day off from work got there moneys worth

  20. Dont get why Rays pitched aganist best player..It was a terrible misjudgement by coaching staff..

  21. Ramirez made my head explode when he went opposite field!

  22. First saw a completely unknown Jose in Spring Training at Goodyear years ago. He crushed a pitch into the right field pavilion and got my attention immediately as this guy was nowhere near the body type to do that with a baseball. Then he did it again a few innings later. As much as I hate to say I have happily elevated Jose to my all time favorite supplanting Vic Davalillo Sorry Vic!

  23. Guardians!? That's their politically correct name LOL!! what a joke!

  24. … and again, Cash fucked up the game. He takes out the beast of the game, Glasnow at the end of the 5th when he ended the inning with a strong K. Cash has been the problem the entire season, he needs to go… 👎

  25. I’ve gotten more into baseball the past few years but I’m surprised Beiber has only been to the playoffs once

  26. I like both of these teams. Wish they both could advance, but… They play the game the right way!

  27. At the beginning I thought it was MLB The Show lol

  28. How did 15 innings net them 7 minutes of highlights. I know it was a terrible game, but there was still less highlights in the colts-broncos game than this.

  29. I’m a Yankee fan but i LOVE JRAM. Son’s a BEAST

  30. Cleveland Guardians wins game 1 of the American League Wild Card over the Rays, nicely done! 👍⚾

  31. idk why but the first couple of seconds looked like a video game lol

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