Rays vs. Guardians Wild Card Game 2 Highlights (10/8/22) | MLB Postseason Highlights - c4gamingstudio.com

Rays vs. Guardians Wild Card Game 2 Highlights (10/8/22) | MLB Postseason Highlights

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Rays vs. Guardians full game highlights from 10/8/22.

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  1. There are really more playoffs⚾️🏆

  2. So sad to see Corey Kluber basically pitching batting practice these days………..he was such a stud in Cleveland…………

  3. @8:28 in the 15th, Siri must of been swinging at a bee 🐝
    He swung like a little leaguer who’s parents just told him “just swing when the ball is coming”

  4. Rays gone, Toronto amazingly gone… come on Cleveland and take out the most annoying of them all!

  5. Just watched the highlights, wasn’t even bad baseball, was great defense, pitching and hitting ended it. Ramirez is craaazzy for that play! Much respect

  6. I don't know if Cleveland has the hitting to beat New York.

    But they got the pitching, managing, and HEART to beat ANYBODY!


  7. A walkoff home run in the 15th inning? I think this calls for a Party at Napoli’s!!

  8. Let’s all have a moment of silence for bobby manfred… he likely is comatose due to this game not ending in the mandatory two hours. Keep juicing your balls bobby!

  9. I respect the guardians even if they don't have the money like other teams they play with the heart, you can feel the passion and love this guys feel for the town, specially Ramirez and Naylor

  10. Cleveland gana la serie gracias a 2 🇩🇴. 💪👏

  11. Because MLB is as rigged as the elections, Cleveland will beat NY, as crazy as that sounds. Cleveland will win the WS. Because the Guradians (Space Force) are in control.

  12. Epic win Cleveland. Congratulations on going to the ALDS, which you are going to win . . . YES! 😊

  13. Congrats to the Guardians on advancing to the ALDS! Hope they beat the Yankees!

  14. From a Yankees fan I wish the guardians luck because we won’t go down easy

  15. I love this team! A true underdog story from day 1. Cleveland could go far, maybe even all the way. Yankees here we come!

  16. Congrats to the 100 Tampa bay engineers that figure out the sport every single year

  17. I feel bad for Cleveland. All this excitement and now facing the Yankees…

  18. A Rays Fan, what a game…What a baseball year. Nothing to claim but It's been a pretty good year and coming back to the postseason. Thanks for al guys, they left everything in every game see you next year.
    Tampa Bay Rays all road, all life
    Good luck Guardians, and Excelent game. Greetings from 🇮🇹.
    #Raysup 💪🏽🙌🏽⚾

  19. Let's Go Guardians 🗿🗿🗿⚾️⚾️⚾️🍾🍾🍾💯💯

  20. Not sure why the Guardians are celebrating!? They now have to travel to the Bronx and get trounced by the Yankees!

  21. Juego pos tempirada indio vs tampa🏏⚾️🇺🇲

  22. Incredible walk off. My heart goes out to ray fans.

  23. I should have know better that to pick Tampa Bay in 3. They can’t get it done.

  24. Outdoor Adventures With Austin Miller says:

    What a outstanding win by the guardians and what a game both teams had dominant pitching and mister SpongeBob walked it off as for God I am thankful that he made sure the guardians didn't give up and fought hard to get this win and your team can win alot of wins and this is how you can win a world series let's go guardians let's give the spankies some payback it's going to be a tough series if we can contain Aaron judge and the Yankees dangerous offense we should move on to the Al championship series

  25. I’ve never seen such a competitive low scoring game that was such a fun watch 🔥

  26. Why does that announcer sound like a screaming cat.

  27. Seeing the two catchers hug at the end was pretty awesome

  28. Another sweep! Is the miracle team of the season?

  29. It’s funny how the baseballs are juiced, but the pitchers can’t use sweat and rosin.

  30. Oscar Gonzalez with the walk off home run and the Guardians advanced to the American League Division Series, tremendous comeback of the 15th inning! 👍⚾

  31. “Let's go Oscar”

    – Spongebob Squarepants

  32. This didn't end the way I wanted it to, with a Rays win, but they sure fought to the end. Nothing against Cleveland, they have a talented, fun to watch team.

  33. GOOOOO TRIBE CLE for the Dub!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!

  34. Epic 2 games. Shame Wild card is not at least 5 games. Imagine if Rays win the next 2 in similar pitching battles and Cleveland takes Game 5 in a last and final pitching showdown. Would be so important to a sport hanging on and always threatened with players strikes/any money problems.

    Well. At least it was 2 insanely epic games. Any fan of Baseball has to love what has just been witnessed.

  35. I'm so glad they don't use the tee-ball extra inning runner rule in the post season. I wish they'd get rid of it altogether.

  36. Couldn't be happier for this team. DAVID, LETS GO FIND GOLIATH!

  37. What a stud Mckenzie is. I cannot wait to see his next couple of starts

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