Real Life Cards Games Battle ! -

Real Life Cards Games Battle !

Amazing LP神奇的老皮
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  1. I don't know what half of the cards were supposed to be. So I will just say this: The girl is hot.

  2. Random that has a exodia: time to win
    Me who has a phone number of his mom: time to see hin suffer

  3. Magic vs Yu-Gi-Oh+ digimon/pokemon reference the comments are right this is cursed.

  4. I stopped being sure what is happening in this video 5 seconds after walking in !

  5. I only watched this because of the cute chinese school girl

  6. Yoooooo they killed it when they did digi evolution

  7. not magic and yu-gi-oh together . the blasphemy

  8. Hogwart student's sending each other to the shadow realm.

  9. Somehow, despite all the black magic fuckery going on in this video, the most unrealistic thing is that the guy just stopped at dragoon instead of special summoning an entire board.

  10. Why does the look on his face make me think the snacks were expired anyway

  11. So he played mine and dragoon, such a degenerate

  12. Criminal about to be arrested for 3 charges of murder, rape, and kidnapping of a government official. Challenges a cop to a dual and wins.

  13. What in the double ht hockey sticks is going on? -A.D.

  14. Good thing they didn't go any farther to include cardfight vanguard, duel masters etc…

  15. Hola, buenos días, me he reído mucho con el vídeo de Yu-Gi-Oh! VS Magic. Es genial

  16. يا ريت افلام يوغي اشوفها على الحقيقة

  17. why did the girl lose???😭
    i hope this is not over yet

  18. Charizard would had one hit KO any monster

  19. Leave it to China to do something like this.
    Isn't pokemon and Yugioh illegal there or something?

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