Rich Eisen Breaks Down the Top NFL Super Wild Card Weekend Matchups | The Rich Eisen Show -

Rich Eisen Breaks Down the Top NFL Super Wild Card Weekend Matchups | The Rich Eisen Show

The Rich Eisen Show
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Rich Eisen breaks down the enticing matchups for NFL Super Wild Card Weekend.

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  1. I would flip Dolphins-Chiefs and Rams-Lions. That way it would be AFC-NFC-AFC-NFC-AFC-NFC all the way through the schedule. This said, I can live with three AFC games first and three NFC games last, but alternate conference matchups throughout the Super Wildcard weekend would be more balanced.

  2. You don't know why they dumped Goff? Didn't you see that throw against Dallas, who easily win the game with a coach who can manage the clock? Pressure him at all and he crumbles

  3. The fact that the playoffs aligned in a way that gives the NFL it's best ratings matchups, as well as the incredibly insane ending to the season, almost seems to be evidence that the NFL is more rigged than the WWE

  4. So in other words, all favorites will win. Rich, c'mon! You know this won't happen!

  5. Literally every game has some unique story line behind it gonna be epic!

  6. OMG I am SO pumped about the playoffs, I need my Browns to roll. LETS GO!!!

  7. The Lions haven’t won a playoff game in 32 YEARS!!!!!!! You think that the Ford Field crowd isn’t going to go absolutely BEAST QUAKE?! And that the Lions are going to play with 32 years worth of fury and rage?!

  8. Am I crazy thinking the dolphins are going to beat the chiefs ? It’s going to be a running game and the dolphins are a much better running team than the chiefs with two great backs

  9. Everyone around here throwing big what ifs around so here gos! Texans Dallas Super Bowl! 😄

  10. Hey now! Don't forget there's an Eagles-Bucs matchup as well. May not be as much of a story, but we're not chopped liver! GO BUCS! 💪☠️🏈

  11. I love the "browns only beat Texans cause stroud was out" from Texans fans. How'd he do against the panthers?

  12. Please, please, please give me Flacco returning to Baltimore

  13. That look like four Super Bowl, and one week

  14. I would love to see Flaco beat the Ravens ///////////////////

  15. It’s not that deep Rich, Goff just was not that dude in LA. Rams saw an upgrade and took it.

  16. The Eagles had their day in the sun that’s enuff out of them

  17. The “Ice Bowl” was the 2nd Packers/Cowboys playoff encounter.

  18. Every time he says, “Super Wildcard Weekend,” it sounds like he’s a shill for the NFL…which he is.

  19. Rich you dropped the ball Big Time, No had it intercepted instead. Not starting off with Lions vs. Rams shows your slipping big time time. Watch 5:31 into this debacle & nuthin but yapping bout C.J. & Flacco NOT About the real matchups, Stafford, Goff, McVay, McCarthy, Tyrek, Dallas, G.B., CHIEFS Then……

  20. The Dolphins-KC game is only on Peacock, which means if I want to watch it, I’ll have to pay for it, even though I already have the NFL Ticket. What a bunch of horseshit!

  21. November 29th, 2007 was a THURSDAY night, when Rodgers made his first significant regular season appearance after Favre went down injured in Dallas against the Cowboys. Cowboys won 37-27

  22. Best storylines postseason I ever remember, seems like every matchup has a great storyline to it that makes the matchup intriguing. Can't wait for these games!

  23. Browns, Dolphins, Bills, Packers, Eagles, Rams,, there are your winners. Have a nice day.

  24. I’m scared as a Browns fan because everyone is already crowning us victorious against Houston and basically planning the Flacco return to Baltimore. Can yall please just wait before saying anything? I’ve seen this happen so many times. I’m probably gonna take the Texans just for that reason.

  25. Fantastic presentation. This got me even more excited for the playoffs.

  26. Script writers keep the excitement going.

  27. These story lines! What yall think? Rigged? Or coincidence?

  28. They let Goff go because he kept throwing interceptions and doesn't know how to get out of the pocket. He knows one move and that's going to help him.

  29. Lions vs Browns SuperBowl. Battle of the Underdogs!

  30. When you gonna wake up? Chiefs are the champs. They are inevitable.

  31. What's funny is for the Dolphins to get to the SB they will have to beat the 3 teams they lost to this season 😮

  32. there's an old Saying… youth must be served‼️😮…Texas /Cleveland and could we please stop calling young people kids because kids are baby goats and they get sacrificed at 21 they have relationships pay bills and taxes just like someone in their 50s give them their respect these 50 year old sportscasters don't call 30 year old players …kids.. who do the same job🤔🔥🔥🔥

  33. So one way next week shakes out Browns at Ravens Chiefs at Bills. One way it could end Cleveland at Buffalo for the AFC. That's interesting, don't see much of a weather problem their 4 hours apart on the I90.

  34. “ You have to get people in our business really drunk to get the type of information out”. So that’s how you guys do it. 😂

  35. Steelers pound the rock get first playoff win in a decade.

  36. It's been interesting to watch all of these talking heads falling all over themselves to praise Flacco's performance when they are the same people who didn't think he was much of a QB with the Ravens. Flacco is still Flacco-strong arm, ability to go downfield, can make all the throws, and has a fair number of picks. He'll likely give Cleveland a decent performance (doesn't he almost always in the post season?) but I wouldn't sleep on the Texans.

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