Rich Eisen Breaks Down the Top NFL Super Wild Card Weekend Matchups | The Rich Eisen Show -

Rich Eisen Breaks Down the Top NFL Super Wild Card Weekend Matchups | The Rich Eisen Show

The Rich Eisen Show
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Rich Eisen breaks down the enticing matchups for NFL Super Wild Card Weekend.

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  1. JIF is a peanut butter… and no, IDGAF what "the creator of the .gif says"… GRAPHIC… GRRRRR.. HARD G IN GRAPHIC? HARD G IN GIF! Carry on.

  2. Every single game has a juicy storyline or narrative behind it…. Almost seems scripted….? 🤨🤔

  3. You know who's in the playoffs? Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers. You know who's on a Tuesday podcast spewing flat Earth conspiracy theories ?

  4. CJ & Texans avenge that blow out few weeks ago. They were also missing their best LB & both pass rushers were out. This will be a different Texan team plus it’s hard to beat a team on the road twice. 🎉

  5. Lets go Texans!!! Shock the world again CJ!!!

  6. That throw CJ made reminded me of another great Houston QB, Warren Moon.

  7. Only stinker of a game is Bucs Eagles. Both teams playing by far their worst ball of the season.

  8. The corrupt NFL has done it again:Dolphins vs Chiefs on Peacock and not on NBC that’s not right

  9. I am on the Detroit bandwagon….love their relevancy, BUT I think the Rams are the most dangerous darkhorse and Stafford is looking as sharp and healthy as he has in a long time…and his weapons are cocked and loaded. That's trouble for Detroit and the NFC. I would want Goff to get 'revenge,' but I been following Stafford since his Highland Park jv days. So, until he faces the 'Boys, go Matt.

  10. Browns vs. Steelers AFC CHAMPIONSHIPS

  11. Why didn't Rich talk about Philly and Tampa?

  12. Been a chiefs fan since day 1. My mom is 104, been a chiefs fan since day 1. She has watched almost every single game during the years, and every single playoff game. She is in an assisted living facility. No wifi and crummy cell reception. When she turned 100 we went to both playoff games when they won their first superbowl in 50 years. Even if I wanted to it wouldn't matter as we couldn't stream the coming game. She's pissed as am I. Won't join peacock. And the nfl has betrayed their fans. I know no one cares about just 2 people not watching a football game, especially in a small market. Nfl has gone downhill. But who cares, they got their 110 million.

  13. Things fell a little too perfectly into place tbh. This year the NFL feels dangerously close to becoming something closer to the WWE.

  14. Joe flacco gets hurt 😢 but don't look now*** bernie kosar comes into the game for the browns to light up the texans seconday 😅😅😅 what a storyline !!!

  15. Can Shwartz shut down Stroud. That's all that matters. Flacco will play fine and prolly give up 1-2 INTs per the norm. But if the Browns D doesn't swarm CJ nothing else matters. We need a Browns Lions superbowl, the end!

  16. Tyreek hill returns to arrowhead
    Golf Stafford trade off
    Mike McCarthy v his old team
    Texans v Watsons team
    Teammates turn coach matchup
    Baker vs Hurts

    Round 2
    Flacco returns to Baltimore
    Josh Allen v Mahomes in playoffs part 3
    NFC championship rematch part 2
    Lions v Cowboys “controversial call” rematch

    Conference finals
    Current MVP vs last years MVP
    Cowboys vs 49ers playoff part 3

    Super Bowl
    Lamar vs Dak ?

  17. I'm extremely excited for the Chiefs vs Fins game, as I was luckily awarded a ticket for the Frankfurt Game! Cheers from Frankfurt, GER

  18. Deshaun gets to go back for his favorite slurp stop (allegedly) 😂

  19. The fans of Dolphins/Chiefs are getting peaCOCKED BLOCKED!!!!

  20. 6min30sec on AFC, 3min20sec on Dallas and Detroit…..great breakdown Rich 🙄

  21. Deer in Headlights ! Hesitated when passing !

  22. Even with CJ the Texans still have the same defense and Cleveland's pass rush is just plain nasty. He isn't playing Indy again next week.

  23. Browns not winning sorry but flacco is throwing 4 interceptions

  24. If Flacco takes the browns to the Super Bowl, every adult male will be chuckling non stop every time it’s mentioned.

  25. Here's another interesting narrative for the AFC that Rich missed – After the Steelers upset the Bills, they go into Baltimore to sweep the Ravens this season. Then they go into Cleveland with Steeler nation making the 2 hr drive to watch Mason Rudolph gets his revenge against Myles Garrett and TJ Watt returns with another defensive touchdown to prove he is worthy of DPOY over Garrett. Tomlin then earns himself coach of the year over Stefanski and they go into a classic Superbowl showdown against the Cowboys where they win and remind the world that they are not only the best in the AFC North, but best organization in the Nation. All after this roller coaster season 🏆♟️

  26. CJ is slicing up NFL defenses but wasn't able to beat UpfM even once? Tell me your cheating without saying you are cheating.

  27. Texans got Browns 2024 1st and 4th round picks, so Texans beat the Browns would stop Browns pick from slipping.

  28. Since week 11

    Gb has the best preforming QB in the league
    How tf

  29. And the Eagles lost to the Giants!
    The Bucs won against the Panthers!

  30. Rams and lions is one for the history book for sure!!🤯🔥🔥🔥

  31. Am I the only one who is thinking this seems all wayyyyy too scripted??

  32. Go Steelers! Don’t count them out yet! They shouldn’t even be here. But all season they found a way to win. They played the best all season the last 3 games. If it’s bad weather in Buffalo on Sunday, I actually think they have a good chance to upset The Bills.

  33. I think the Rams are going to beat the Lions.

  34. I've said this exact playoff scenario for the AFC. Browns beat Ravens, Chiefs defense pulls off a 4 turnover game vs Allen and somehow Chiefs as a 3 seed host 6th in a row AFC Championship game

  35. Gonna be back to back Texans games for amari. Hasn't played since then

  36. Three weeks rest, gonna drop another two hundred on them lol

  37. Rich takes Allen Head to Head against Ma-homes!

  38. I live in a small town that does not have internet, sucks not being able to watch football

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