Riot removed this card after 3 years -

Riot removed this card after 3 years

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Riot just announced they will remove Vile Feast and Avarosan Sentry when Rotation happens at the end of this month and when the new expansion is released!

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  1. I'm kinda confused as to their justification for removing vile feast. If you wanted shadow isles to be the "make sure it's dead" region, why did you literally just make castigate for shurima?

  2. I dont like rotation … but riot should rework vile feast

  3. Nice to see region identities being refined, rather than muddled.

  4. I can't imagine playing jayce heimer against aggro and losing versatility tool to against literally everything else

  5. Man i dont like the idea of rotation not gonna lie surely they could just change cards to help like make it "drain 1 from an ally to summon a spiderling" boom no more removal but the card still exsists.

    also my boy TF 🙁

  6. if Eternal isn't supported properly. i'll probably end up quiting

  7. Can't imagine Elise existing without vile feast, perhaps she is being rotated as well.

  8. We did it guys. Lucian nerf is no more. He cant get pinged anymore snnuy knew from the beggining lol

  9. Honestly, great decision. As soon as they said it I was like "whoah wtf?" and then I was like "oh actually that makes sense"

  10. Riot need to remove Concurrent Timelines too, that card is so bullshit with Imrpovise and forge

  11. Now it's karma shadow isles…coz on turn 9 or ten they bring Asol if u don't have an answer u are dead …bandle city will be the best region in the game… if u play valorant u know pre nerf chamber …riot are bad at designing and balancing they don't know how to balance they delete

  12. I'd LOVE to not have to play around a vile feast. Makes it really annoying to play a 1-health unit against SI every time, especially champions.

  13. I like the idea of narrowing the regions, but why would they give SI more draw?

  14. As he said the best spell in the game is gone
    R.I.P Vile feast

  15. They need to revamp Freljord especially the Mana Gem feat. It lacks cohesion on so many levels after until the latest mana gem card was released.


  17. Wait… Rotation have got me worried now. If they are rotating cards based on region identity, then doesn't that soft buff bandle city? Sense every mechanic fits into that region identity wise and its already in my opinion a problem that they have every iconic thing in its region that other regions are already known for…

  18. I think it's a great change and gives Barrier a LOT more breathing room as a mechanic since now you don't have to constantly be worried.about vile feast – Spellshield as well for that matter.

    I just hope Minimorph also gets either nerfed or rotated because it is the single worst designed card in the game.

    Also, this may be a hottake, but rotation might be a good excuse to possibly put Deny back down to 3 mana, especially with how.prevalent burst cards have become. That or Will of Ionia, one of the 2 (not both) needs a cost reduction and overall I would like to see Ionia shift to more tempo oriented playstyles.

  19. I imagine someone after some years making a video titled 50 lor fun facts
    And saying how the ceaseless sentry used to be the avarosan sentry.

  20. 1 mana deal 4 is balanced. Deny is balanced. Atrocity being a fast spell is okay. But vile feast is a problem. Good job problems solved unbalance is no more!

  21. i’m so hyped to play the new rotation

  22. It's a necessary change, especially with the way they explain it, but it pains me greatly to see one of my favorite cards go. As far as drain cards are concerned, we'll likely see more decks try running the 3 mana drain 2 toss 3 even outside of Deep decks, just to have some more consistency with healing. Or Withering Mist, but 5 mana drain 2 from 2 units will likely rarely ever kill anything with how easy it is to get stats on the board by that mana threshold… SI Control will be interesting to see from here on.
    Also what are they gonna do for Freljord draw now? Avarosan Sentry was a staple draw card for the majority, if not all my FJ decks, even if it didn't make sense mechanically in a region like Freljord.

  23. Honestly that makes rotation even more exciting. If they are willing to rotate cards that have been staples since LoR's inception it opens a lot new avenues.

  24. im too new to understand the impact of these XD

  25. There are a lot of archetypes that rely on this card for early game consistency, I don't really agree with the decision beyond acknowledging that it's been the low key best card in the game for over 3 years

  26. I wished for years they would rotate champion playable in ranked in LOL, like for a week those 10 champions are banned. Removing stuff is a simple yet very effective way of allowing different things to shine and have their moment since there are so many champions.

  27. I think it will make si much weaker probably nobody will play it

  28. Making tge avatosan Centry rotate might make Frejord even worse……
    Which sucks bcs at least they had that kind of draw

  29. I recently made a shadow isles deck that focuses on killing its own stuff for benefits. It naturally benefits a lot from removal. At this point, Im running 3xVengeance, boring as that is. Crumble is actually a great card in the deck, but it has the big problem of how it can be counterplayed.
    The way cards like Crumble, Hate Spike or Gifts can be counterplayed is… pretty damn punishing. If I am against piltover-bandle, I have to be extremely careful on how and when to use them. And its hard to get them to spend all their mana, they usually always have the spell mana left to react. And really, if you try to crumble some important enemy and a friggin cantrip counters it, you just lose the game on the spot.

    So going forward, if they want more conditional removal in shadow isles, they really need to design them well. Only reason crumble is barely played, in my opinion, is that you just lose the game on the spot if it is counterplayed, takes away any agency cause you oftentimes just have to pray the enemy misplays a turn.
    Hatespike and Gifts are at least lower investment than something like crumble. Although, I do believe that Gifts has been powercrept pretty hard these days. But anyway, they need to be smart about removal options – shadow isles has very few ways to protect their stuff, they rely on their removal. Shadow isles isles shouldnt be worse for removal than Piltover.

  30. Honestly, regions do feel a bit.. muddy atm. I think the deck variety is great, but some things are pretty bothersome.
    I do hope they don't go overboard with rotation and remove too much stuff. Basically, if it is not problematic – be it directionally, in terms of balance or whatnot – it shouldn't be removed. Something runeterra kinda has over most other online ccgs is.. it feels to me like most cards are, in vacuum, good or at least interesting. There are few cards where I would just say "this is bad and will never ever see any play".

  31. Next we need to get rid of atrocity and shadow isles isnt a broken region anymore

  32. Me, who don't play SI decks: so, and what?

  33. how about flock? i quit because of that card, noxus has too many face damage for a 20 hp game and the game has very few healings

  34. Im honestly against it. Even when playing against shadow isles it is not going to feel the same 🙁

  35. Yay! Teemo little bit happy now

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