Sam Hyde's Trading Card Game -

Sam Hyde’s Trading Card Game

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We have been working for two (2) years to bring you guys MONDO MEGABITS, an NFT card game that’s minting soon. (Don’t fret: it’s playable by penniless scrubs and Wealthy Thomases alike).

An Astute Geoffrey or a Wealthy Thomas might point out that we missed the mark by nearly a year, however, not even a Spiteful Tim can deny the PerfectQuality™.

Join our Discord and get whitelisted today:
(This is not an MDE Discord or an edgy one– we can’t allow those certain types of jokes that will get us shut down. You know what I mean. Just take a normal pill before entering.)

Call the MONDO MEGABITS Call Center, 9 a.m.— 6 p.m. EST Monday—Friday for expedited whitelist access! (Must be a member of the Discord).

Call our Mondo NFT call center 9am-6pm EST Mon-Fri for whitelist (must be a member of the discord)
1-844-OKAY-SIR ! 1-844-OKAY-SIR !

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  1. I don't even get what exactly NFT's are and i don't care but i wanna play that absolutely conveluted card game

  2. the irony is this would be the dopest nft collection ever made

  3. Can't wait to see this one unfold. All the fun for free.

  4. i came for sam hydes bullshit but i stayed for the coal chamber

  5. If you think about it, there is crafting!

  6. Those sunglasses are abhorrent 😂 imagine how much more bludgeonable Hasan pikers face would be if he had them on hahahahah wow

  7. I really hope people understand how much work went into these. I was getting mondo megabit ads on my instagram with 'Chase' on them hahaha

  8. i wonder who is the after effects magician behind all this mondo/mde stuff… collaborative or mostly by smual mcdyde?

  9. bro the office behind him has to rooms with "rick and morty" and "breaking bad" on it wtf is this place lmao

  10. only nfts id even ever look at. so much effort has gone into this jesus christ


  12. so if jet is neptune, sam is mars, is julien…gay?

  13. This reminds me of kicking back and watching Hyde wars in my trailer, while crying that Dave Hughes won't answer my emails about the relationship between time cubes and the potential of the higgs boson to control the minds of the political elite. I will aquire these computer cards and with them access to unlimited slippery

  14. How much did you have to pay Coal Chamber though

  15. The fact that you got Justin Timberlake to endorse the NFT project and The People making it really brings the whole thing together for me

  16. They say if you watch this on dmt you will reach nirvana level Ye

  17. I am so confused, is this a mockery of NFT or a real one? i have been post ironically victimized.

  18. Highly recommend watching with a decent sound system + subwoofer. Doof doof.

  19. has anyone called the number lol. im tempted to get their discord just to call lol

  20. Any thing being advertised with Coal Chamber music has me SOLD

  21. If cancer was an infectious disease, and if diseases could be spread through media, this video is 100% pure cancer juice. Watch out boys, the brain cells are dropping like flies

  22. Is this a real video or did I just wake up from a fever dream?

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