San Diego Padres vs. New York Mets Highlights | Wild Card Game 1 -

San Diego Padres vs. New York Mets Highlights | Wild Card Game 1

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Game 1 between the San Diego Padres and New York Mest at the Citi Field.

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  1. Great editing, the announcers are trash!! 🤦‍♂️

  2. that's what you call e home run carnival!! go Padres

  3. Looking like we may get a “West Coast Series” this year.

  4. My son Timmy & I drove 12 straight hours for todays game & THIS is the example you set getting pooped on by the Padres? I'm literally shaking with rage & just spit on an usher on the way out. Now Timmy is screaming for his mom who is 4 states away. God I hate this team!

  5. Gotta say kudos to the editor of these, trailing the audio of a clip into the dead air of the next play is not only classy but efficient

  6. シャーザーこのタイミングで飛翔しまくるのはあかん…

  7. Max had no life in fastball, he should have been taken out sooner

  8. The amazing Mets on their way to another amazing collapse. And I would worry messy fans you have a manager that is a failure in postseason managing.

  9. What happened to timmy the trumpet 😅🤣🤣

  10. Way better than the ESPN video that was used by MLB the other one was choppy and after a Homer from Machado it cut to the mound

  11. Mets don't look so great now 😂 they are just not as good as they think they are

  12. Hey Max what is your excuse this year for your dead arm let me guess dave roberts didn't use you properly

  13. Never a true playoff highlight until TrueRGM posts. Seriously man I wish I found this channel before last year, this is the best work I've seen!

  14. Instead of highlighting how bad the Mets suck why don’t we take time to acknowledge how well the Padres played? It’s not that the Mets suck it’s just the Padres are that good

  15. No subestimen a San Diego vamos con todo 🎉🎉🎉

  16. Mad Max is definitely a first ballot HOF inductee. We miss him dearly in DC. So glad he still gave Sotooooooo another 0 for, despite everyone else lighting him up. 🤣Soto is overrated and a hot dog.

  17. Fernando Tatis, who?
    Seriously, the Padres have been through a lot this past year: New manager who was in the hospital once and had covid, had hopes of Tatis coming back, but Tatis destroyed that hope, Machado out for awhile with sprained ankle, and other things. But my loved underdogs came through it all and, now, poised to move on in the playoffs (hopefully).

  18. This is easily a top 3 channel on YouTube. Probably have watched every video minimum 3 times. Incredible work!!!

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