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Shithead the Card Game

John Green
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This video is about my variation of Shithead. It covers the basics of play and the power cards that are used. This is the first video that covers how the game is played out and I am posting a second video that will cover some of the other little nuances that I didn’t get a chance to cover.
If anyone has questions or needs clarity on any of the rules, please leave a comment or message me directly. I’ll leave the link to Twitter until I get a better set up. someone pointed out, I goofed. This was a stacked deck for demonstrable purposes and I didn’t cover what happens if you don’t have a card that can be played from your hand. If you cannot make a legal play, you have to pick up the entire pile of cards so far. Timeless adventure awaits: sega 32x emulator – relive the glory of 16-bit gaming!

Since I’m here, I made this for people who have already known how to play, but like me, was looking for new variations to use. I should apologize because that was the frame of mind I was in when making this.

I was more intent on making the Cut Throat video which is my actual variation on the game, but I understand my way of playing, i.e., picking first before playing and such, differs enough from any other I played that I wanted to cover those points in-depth.
I hope this doesn’t deter anyone from trying out my set of rules. And I promise, Cut Throat is where its at anyway. Namaste


  1. We play this game in school all the time

  2. how many players can play the game? 2, 3, 4?

  3. Wow, treat yourself to a new deck, they should have been binned ages ago.

  4. This is called graveyard in NZ, instead of the 8 we use the 7 as the play less than. The cards facing down are the ones that are only to be played when all the other cards are played.

  5. I always played with the following special cards
    2: resets the deck to the bottom, but you dont get a free play, the next player can play anything
    7: the next card must be 7 or lower, or a 9 or 10.
    8: skip the next player, the card must be played in order.
    9: invisible card, can be played at any time, the next player plays on whatever card was below it.
    10: burn the deck, draw, play again.

    -If there are 4 of the same card in a row, the deck burns, even if 4 different players played one of each card. The person who played the 4th card draws and plays again. A 9 may be played between.
    -You cannot play your face down cards until all 3 face up cards are played.

    We called it Shaft Thy Neighbor. I don't remember what we called it before this event. But we were playing on a ferry from Vancouver to Victoria, and an old british lady walked by and shouted "Oohhhh SHAFT THY NEIGHBOR!" And naturally that's what we called it afterward. This would have been 16-17 years ago. …damn.

  6. 3-to-Ace high.
    Deal 3 to each player for down cards, then deal 5 to each player.

    If you cant play higher or equal to the card in play, you pick up all cards in play.

    3 cards have special abilities: 2 restarts the deck, place on any card and any card can be placed on it. Card number 7, the player can place it on any card below 7, but the next player to play a card must also place a card equal to or lower than 7. Card number 10, clears the cards in play, place on any card and clears the cards in play out of the game, player that clears the cards in play places new card into play.
    This allows players to strategize thier top 3 cards at begining of the game.

    Players are allowed to place doubles, triples, quadruples of a kind of card, e.g. 4 4's or 3 aces. placing more than 2 of a kind clears the deck out of the game.
    This allows players to clear massive hands from picked up cards in play by clearing most the cards in thier hand in a single turn.

    This is the variation i use for Shit Head!

    Im gonna try your variation.

  7. We do
    2: Can play anytime and resets the deck
    3: Ghost card
    7: Have to play lower than 7
    10: Burns the deck and play again
    Then we have the complete four of the same suit in a row and burn it. This doesn’t count if there’s a 3 in between. Also anyone at any point can lurch in and complete a four out of their turn to burn the deck and give them another go

  8. Played this for the first time an hour ago and the rules we used were:
    2| resets deck
    10| burns deck

    Joker| "gifts" deck to whomever you want

    There was no value flip card like 8, but that certainly is interesting. Also, 3 was just the lowest card, not a ghost.

  9. Pretty similar to how I play it. Only difference is the "power cards"

    2- Resets so that the next player can play anything.

    7- Skips the next person's go

    8- Next person goes lower

    10- Burns the pile

    2 and 10 can be played at any time

  10. My friends and I call this game “Norwegian”

  11. This games called idiot and ur playing it a little off, the amount of cards you start with depends on how many people ur playing with 2-4 players (dealing 3-7 cards to start and u must always have at LEAST 3 unless decks gone)…. but we’ve been playing this game since the 90s…. and u don’t flip a card to start… whoever has lowest card (3 of spades is the lowest. AND SUITS DO MATTER!! Spades clubs hearts diamonds in that order weakest to strongest). Having all 4 of a card blows the pile up. 2s reset and 10s blow up… if u can’t beat the deck u have to pick up… u guys have completely shit all over our game making up and changing the rules. Even trying to change the name and act like you’ve created something new….

  12. For our variation, we use those special cards: 2 – resets the deck and can be played anytime.  4 – invisible, "glass" card; can be played anytime. 7 – next card needs to be lower than 7, equal to 7 or a 10; it can be played anytime.  10 – burn the deck, can be played anytime (including the 7).    All those special cards mentioned above can be played anytime.  Also, 4 of the same number card must be played in the sequence, but it also burns the deck.

  13. What if you don't have a power card to counter what has been played do you then pick up all the face up deck?

  14. what if you can't play? do you have to take the pile in your hand?

  15. What happens if you play a card that is facing down but it does not match the rules so let’s say the card facing up was a nine then I played the card facing down which turns out to be a five what happens then

  16. If a person picks up the deck, it skips the player’s turn in our variation. The next player actually would be free to play anything.

  17. in Lithuania we called it Russian durak (not plain durak) , other friend called it japanese durak … but thats how it goes when people dont do research and explanations goes from mouth to mouth… in our case if u put 2 on any card , u can put any card additionally on top , another special card was 10 , sometimes there was 3 , if u put 3 u take all cards, but because of game breaking we disliked it so we changed it that you take 3 cards .. there was no sp. card 7

  18. I would suggest 3= next player takes 3 cards (other variants force him to take all stack but its op i think) would be fun to add more power cards, like putting in wild joker

  19. A mate from Norway showed me this game we stayed up until 5am playing most fun I've ever had
    he didn't know what the English name of the card game was its a crackup to hear its called shithead lmao

  20. You forgot to mention what to do if there is no card that can be played. The person has to lift the entire pile.

  21. Learned this game in juvie we called it OG

  22. I play the same game but with different rules and my family calls it palace

  23. Interesting how differently people play this. The variables are minor but still frustrating to watch it differently 😂

  24. By the way when I was taught to play this game we called it lucky

  25. These aren't my rules, but whatever rules you want, I'll destroy you. I'm ace at shithead. What a game, I've played thousands of hands.

  26. I’ve played this before I call it palace

  27. Played this but everyone had 5 in hand and 7 was the less then card but a really fun and evil varient is using the 3 as a true shithead card, as in when someone "plays a 3" no matter the card in the pile the player can actually show another player the 3 card, forcing that player to pick up the whole pile! Then the 3 is set aside like its burned. Its alot of fun makes everyone want to burn the deck when they can unless they want to play a 3 and bring out brutality when it is played! Also if you show someone the 3 and they have a 3 they can save themselves by showing their 3! Then the original 3 card shower has to pick up the pile!

  28. Hi great video but I have a question. 2 players have one card each at the end and neither player can play, are they both shitheads or can we use the 3 face up cards?

  29. What if you don't any power cards in the hand or you open face down card and can't play it
    Will it be passed

  30. i learned this game at the psych ward and we called it shaboots:>

  31. I learned this is a lock down treatment center 😭😭

  32. The rules i play with: 5, (can go on any card) you can't put higher than five on that card, has to be equal or lower) or you can use one of the special cards, which are: 2, 5 , 9 and 10. You can put 2 on anything, and you can put anything on 2. 5 (you already know) 9 is basically a mirror, it mirrors the card underneath, so for instance, if the card underneath is 8 then you have to put an equal number or higher. 10 is basically a bomb. It blows up other cards and it's still your turn after you blow them up. Also, if you let's say that each person (assuming there are 4 players) puts one of their e.g 9, so this person puts a 9 this person puts a 9 etc. So whoever puts the 4th one blows the rest up and it's their turn again. So basically 4 of a kind or whatever. It works like the previously mentioned 10 except you need 4 of the same numbers whereas the 10 can blow anything up.

  33. We never used the 3 or 8. Just 2 and 10. And four in a row would discard the draw pile as well.

  34. Learned this shit in my old access school that was ran by probation 😂. Fun times

  35. I taught my fellow patients in the ‘ looney bin’ how to play. It eased their anxiety. And helped this depression they had. Beautiful game x

  36. my friend called it village idiot and we played on the last day of school, whoever lost would be the village idiot

  37. Bored to death by your speed of explanation!!!zzzzz

  38. Lots of memories playing this in HMP GLOUCESTER back in the day it's a shame that more people don't know about the game

  39. What happens when someone place an ACE on the deck and you can't go hight cause you have other cards, no power cards. Do you take the whole pile??

  40. Used to play that all night while backpacking across India… Good times

  41. Me and my friends call it O.G. usually we only count on 2 and 10 as powers cards

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