Shovelware Spotlight - Family Card Games Fun Pack (Playstation) -

Shovelware Spotlight – Family Card Games Fun Pack (Playstation)

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1st in a series(?)

The CPU gets destroyed in a game of “Seven in a Row” at the highest skill level. Enjoy the entire intro and ending movies.


  1. @PissedPlayinPimp the PlayStation was the first console deluged with shovelware. CD media were cheap to produce. The high cost of cartridges kept cheap efforts from flooding the markets before the PlayStation.

  2. that's the sad part, that subgame is only one player vs 3 cpu opponents

  3. thank you for posting this :L ahah ive been trying to find this game for months ahahah

  4. I won this in a Real Fruit Winder Raffle game!

  5. please make soundtracks of this gem?

  6. YES! FOUND THE GAME!! Thanks dude. I played this long ago and I just had to find it 🙂

  7. I remember when my parents didn't let me play RE3 they bought me this one instead haha, I loved it tho
    I think it's thanks to this game that I love classic music, and the "pass" thingie! bruhhh!!!! thank you for uploading it :'3

  8. actually this game sucked why I didnt get the instructions in it also the game did got scratch but it look not fun at all why you have beat the cpu

  9. what is the tittle of that music? "seven in a row"

  10. Wow,i played this game when i was 10 and now i managed to find it i need to play it again.

  11. I'm so annoyed I never figured out what half of the music tracks were in this. Especially the Game Select screen

  12. Shame there aren't many videos of this game set. What's the name of the music piece anyone?

  13. Wow, so nostalgic.
    I want to play this game after me graduated in Senior High School.

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