Skat - How to Setup, Play and Review. Traditional card games. * Amass Games* BGA Board Game Arena -

Skat – How to Setup, Play and Review. Traditional card games. * Amass Games* BGA Board Game Arena

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A chance to take a look at a game you may not have seen before and see what it looks like, how to play it, what I and others may think of it and how easy it is to transport…. I frequently cycle to gaming and have to cycle up a hill – thus, weight is important.

I record videos so I can recall the rules. I also find it easier to watch than to read. I find it easier to see something unedited, without animations or something I wouldn’t see in real life…I shoot one takes so I can record and re-watch more games rules sooner! New videos recorded so please subscribe to discover something.

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  1. This game looks terrible and super convoluted. Just get The Crew or Skull King

  2. Guh. A-7 is used (32 card deck). My brain broke seeing 3's and 4's in your hand.

  3. Hm, some of it seems a bit off. When you bid, you’re not actually bidding to see how many points you think you can take – you actually always have to make 61 to win the hand (unless you bid a null hand, in which case you need to lose every trick). You’re actually bidding the value of the game itself with the hopes of earning the right to choose the trump suit. The game values are quite complicated to calculate, with each suit being worth a base value and then additional multipliers depending on how many of the top trump cards you hold in sequence, whether or not you choose to pick up the skat cards, etc. While the play is relatively simple for veterans of trick taking games (aside from some oddities like the high ranking of 10’s), the scoring and bidding is very complex. I’ve been playing Skat for years and I still like to keep a bidding cheat sheet handy to make sure I’m not mucking it up. 😅

  4. i've never seen anyone hold the cards that way – the front card on the left, back card on the right. is it a left-handed thing? something to do w/driving on the left? not trolling, curious.

  5. I am sorry, this is not personal, just factual: please research the games a little bit more. The bid is not the amount of cards or points you want to make.

  6. Skat is pronounced like American pronounce the name Scott – with the 'a' sounded like cat/hat, but stretched a little.

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