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Skull – Card Games That Don’t Suck

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  1. I've done this, but everyone got confused. Easier with the proper Skull game. It's a phycological thing.

  2. One rule that I think was missed was that if you win the bid, flip your cards, and reveal a skull / face card you played, you get to choose the card you lose, it isn't random.

  3. You could easily do this to seat 13 with a deck of 52. Just give everyone four of the same card, and declare a suit that's your skull. (And clearly the right answer is Spades.)

  4. Whats to stop the 1st player from playing 1 card, then when it gets back to him he bids 1 and just wins his own card, then repeats next turn and wins?

    edit: oh the other players could out bid, basically they are forced to. Bidding 1 can be a fun bluff though about what you put down.

  5. Holy shit my group have been playing Skull wrong all this time- we've been playing that if you hit your own skull you lose a card at random rather than choosing which card you lose. I guess we've been playing Hardcore mode?

  6. This seems to be close to the german game Bluff, but with cards instead of dice giving you more control about what is happening… Nice!

  7. My siblings and i play a drinking game variation of this where if you succeed at your bid, you get to pour into a communal cup.

    If you fail, you drink whatever’s in the cup.

    Things tend to get messy when we play this.

  8. We play this game with a deck of cards too. However, we play that you don't lose cards if you flip the "skull", instead if you win the round you get a face up card from the unused deck and if you lose you get a face down card from the unused deck. We play until there are no more unused cards and then we score +1 for every face up card and -1 for every face down card, in the event of a tie most total cards wins. We also have a couple of other house rules where if you win the bid 1 and you get caught with the skull (eg you played a skull trying to trick others to bid – we call it getting caught fishing) you take 2 face down cards from the unused deck. And finally if everyone has put at least 2 cards down in the round you can say you're riding the lighting (bidding the max) and everyone flips their cards and if you win you get 2 face up cards from the unused deck.

  9. First time our group played this was with a deck of card while on vacation in Cuba. When we got home I ordered the retail version immediately.

  10. I was actually thinking this would be a great game to play in an RPG tavern, pretty simple rules and easier to set up than poker.

  11. I had no idea y'all were friends with Emma Watson.

  12. Isn't there a rule that you always need to flip all your own cards before moving on? Or maybe it was mentioned and I missed it…

  13. Did I miss the important part where you say you only have to be right twice to win?

    Also, worth re-emphasising that if you're called, you HAVE to turn ALL your own cards over first, so you can never be right if you've placed a skull, but you can never get someone out if you don't…

  14. In canada this card game is called bullshit

  15. My friends like to play a version where all the cards are played blind so you don’t no if your skull is down or not. I prefer knowing, but the stress of not knowing and still trying to bet on it is pretty intense.

  16. Per the real SKULL rules: If you're the challenger, point or not – you're going first in the next round. Actually big part of the strategy if you're trying to get control of the bidding for your second point, esp in a larger game.

  17. There is something flawed in its execution, but- I think this is one of your greatest series. I’ve been playing at least one card game with peers every game night and I can blame this series for making these games accessible.

  18. So we played this a couple of weeks ago for the millionth time and went full on Southern Riverboat accents. Then we found big hats. It was amazing. Honestly, that 2 hour Skull session is in my top 10 favourite memories of board gaming. Brilliant game.

  19. I have that deck! I love the theory11 stuff.

  20. So who is the lady on the left? The lady on the right is the intern, but how does the lady on the left fit in the picture? Someone's wife? Just a friend? Work for Shut Up and Sit Down?

  21. I have always played by the popcorn bidding variant, and it is absolutely the best way to play. Raising your own bid because someone takes too long to raise you is an unparalleled great time.

  22. I bought skulls, several people love it! But carrying around coasters is unrealistic… the fact that a regular card deck instantly becomes an amazing game is crazy

  23. Okay I think this might be the best game in this series so far. Fight the Landlord is also good.

  24. This is a really cool segment. If we are somewhere where there are no games, a deck of cards is always much easier to find. Please keep it up

  25. the problem with the retail version of this game is that the discs get marked very easily 🙁

  26. I've used 3 red cards and one black or vice versa (not colorblind-friendly, of course).

  27. The 9 people who disliked this video make me sick. This is another bloody brilliant video done by professionals, show some respect!

  28. I am confused. I get that you are playing with cards and not the actual skull game with coasters, but your rules are way different. For example that you have to flip all of your own cards first and that you have to flip other people's cards in order. None of that is in the up to 6 player game with coasters. If you could only win a flip by not playing a skull then the game would be a lot harder to win and not near as much fun because you can't bluff people with in what order you played your coasters to see if they get your skull or flower because they have to go in order. Playing this differently is fine, I am just confused about where these changes came from. I prefer the other version.

  29. Next video, don't mess with cthulhu/ TimeBomb very easy to get done with a deck of cards. Also, Love Letter or coup

  30. There's got to be a way to introduce betting into this. Ante per hand and everyone pays in equal to their bid, successful bids get the pot.

  31. The contrast and saturation of this episode is really playing havoc with Kylie's lipstick WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS YOU MONSTERS

  32. (Paused at 5:04 because I don't want to burn up all my data)

    Interestingly I tried doing Skull with a deck of cards a while back, but I chose black cards as the skulls, red as the roses, yet you've gone with faces/numbers. Any reason why?

  33. New to the channel and I enjoy learning new card games. But wording is very important when you are teaching the rules. Less than 1 minute in and I hear everyone is going to have exactly the same hand. Noone has the same hand!

  34. So, I thought I was in love with Annie but Kylie is stealing my heart – David

  35. Just tried the game and instantly got annoyed by the overbid controversy. I’m 99% sure it was an oversight in the game development because the rules just say a bid has to be higher then a previous bid but it doesn’t explain who would discard the card if someone did overbid. I feel like whoever came up with the game did think that the max bid was the number of cards but not because of the strategy but because it made sense so it never specifies in the rules. Personally I think overbidding is fair game but I hate feeling like I’m not playing the game right. (The fact that I’m the vid they’re playing with a max bid makes me feel worse about it)

  36. card game recommendation "Exploding Kittens"

  37. Could you guys make a "dice games that don't suck" series?

  38. #suggestion There's a card game called Choker you might be interested to try. Chess+poker. I've seen Quinns at least has a chess set and poker set haha, so just need the cards. I'm not entirely sold on it myself, managed to get a free pack of choker cards at a release day they had midway through a chess tournament I was at a year ago. You play a round of 'poker' getting a hand of cards that correspond to chess pieces, then if the game goes through to the final hand of betting, instead of revealing your hand, you place pieces on the chess board and play out a game of blitz with what you have. It has potential to be quite fun 🙂 cheers

  39. When we play, we force you to discard two cards instead of one when you get a bomb. It seemed to balance the game better for us.

  40. — Also note: — This game is a great game in coronavirus times, concerning hygiene rules.
    Every player has their own 4-card deck, and it's possible to play without even touching each other's deck; pointing to the player you want to flip their own cards rather than flipping them yourself.
    So you could even play this at a table with plexiglass between all the players. This truly is a coronaproof game!

  41. Is the comercial version also suited for 10-12 players?

  42. Interesting that you use a court card as the skull and number cards as the roses. When I use a deck of cards to play this at Hannukah or visiting family for Christmas, I use 3 red cards for the roses and 1 black card for the skull (I feel it fits the skulls and roses aesthetic a little more, plus seeing someone flip over a black card is like an instant realization they fucked up. Hollering ensues)

  43. Please bring back this series I need to be introduced to more interesting card games

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