So game night now has uno showdown!! So fun!! TikTok fieldsqueen -

So game night now has uno showdown!! So fun!! TikTok fieldsqueen

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  1. What's going on am I just dumb?
    Edit:nvm I got it

  2. It's all fun and games until someone's hit with a reverse

  3. Uno the card game that stopped being a card game 10 years ago

  4. You have hands you can shuffle with them not to waste money on this shit

  5. The one that shoots random amounts of cards instead of drawing until you can play is super fun.


  7. it sounded like a pokémon when the card flew out lmao

  8. Wow I actually got tricked by the loop for the first time waaaaaaaaaaow lol it's hard to trick me

  9. That thing sounding like a small ass lazer charging up ;-;

  10. Bro, why does that beeping sound like a sick club beat?😅😂

  11. Why does it the music from the toy reminds me of the song from the kpop group twenty-one(Idk if I stated their group name right sorry). I really sounded like the intro.

  12. Thats look a magic cool pwedi po pera😀😰

  13. Me: getting a speaker aww heck yea
    1 month later me: see this uno showdown
    Me: returning the speaker, buying the uno show down, start making cool videos about beatboxing and song😈😈

  14. If you really think about it UNO could make for a good poker game when you add 💰 on the table

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