Solitaire Cruise Card Game by Belka Games en -

Solitaire Cruise Card Game by Belka Games en

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Take a break and relax with our classic solitaire tri peaks cards games!


  1. Не игра,а сплошная реклама.Бонус на семь минут,из которых добрая половина рекламы Тошнит уже от рожи с червями,и сопливоц мамаши с трясущейся дитяткой,😡

  2. This game is so rigged, how do get away with it? Plinko..6 throws, 4 are either consolation or lowest level win. Slot machine 37 spins absolutely nothing won. Dice games no matter what you throw you end up on the same spaces, even random has to programmed and your random is obvious and predictable. Useless animation that bogs down the game. Laughable as toucans and blackbirds fly all over the board. Twitching wild card. Pop-ups and ads constant. Might as well burn your money than play this game. Some boards have so many obstacles they can't be won without extra cards, which is the point of all of it. So bad it's like advertisers made the game to promote ads.

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