Solo Card Games | Scoundrel (+ New T Deck Showcase!) -

Solo Card Games | Scoundrel (+ New T Deck Showcase!)

Sir Thecos
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In this video I’m showing you how to play the solo game ‘Scoundrel’ – you only need a regular deck of playing cards to play it! I’ll also showcase the New T Deck.

00:00 Introduction
00:26 Showcase of the ‘New T’ deck of cards
02:33 Overview and “Setup” of the Game
05:56 How to Play the Game
07:28 Playthrough
22:50 End of the Game
25:15 A Possible Variant
25:40 Special Message

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  1. I like this game, but it's difficult. Essentially it has to go perfectly, luck and strategy. I like to call this game Prince of Persia because of how hard it is and the setup reminds me of the original game. Someone on a different thread suggested keeping the 2 jokers in the deck to use as parry attack cards, and this really helps when you don't want to be on such a losing streak. The jokers don't stack on other weapons and don't take damage from defeated monsters.

  2. That has to be the most fiddly health tracker I've ever seen. Such an odd design and easy to knock or bump.

  3. Would love to see a video like this on dungeon solitaire: tomb of the four kings. Nice job!

  4. What do you do if you have more than one weapons in one room? Or if you don’t want to take any of the weapons in a room?

  5. What happens if you have 3 weapons and a monster in a room? Can you discard weapons like potions?

  6. This is an excellent card game! Thank you again for showcasing this.

  7. LOL use lemons hilarious. Very cool coin to track life points.

  8. Glad I stumbled onto this video, great design. I really like these designs using just a regular deck of cards. I'm working on a design myself that is looking promising, but not polished yet. I will be watching your other videos like this in your playlist for sure. Thanks for sharing these great games!

  9. Awesome video Sir Thecos. This looks like a super fun solo game!

  10. What would happen if you have 3 healing cards in 1 round? Since you cannot heal more than once per round, would you have to skip that room? Because you would not be able to use 3 cards, even if you left 1 of the healing for the next room

  11. Nice game! I tend to use oranges 🍊 😅 🙃

  12. Lemons are for puny mortals. I use watermelons 🍉.

  13. This is a really nice game and it even feels like a dungeon crawler. So far I have lost 3 times in a row. After 10 losses I might add one of the red cards that are sorted out of the game. So cool what you can do with a simple deck of cards 🙂

  14. It reminds me of donsol, but I would say this one it's easier. In donsol you have all the 54 cards including jokers. In donsol the Q it's 13, the K it's 15 and the Ace it's 17. The red face cards and Aces (weapons and potions) value it's 11. The jokers are called Donsols and they're value it's 21 (the maximum life points value) which means that you can't beat a donsol without a new weapon. It's a very amusing game.

  15. How did you print it in that booklet form

  16. Great video and great game. I just lost twice in a row. 🙂

  17. Gracias por la enseñanza! 👍🏞️🏰♥️🧪♣️🧟♦️🗡️♠️🧛🏞️🏰👍

  18. Wow i searched many games like this and i am happy to see this! Good one!

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