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SPOONS for LOOT! Card Game! *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite

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Today in #Fortnite #Creative we play the classic card game SPOONS but with a Fortnite battle Royale Twist!
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  2. Don’t they have to be the same rarity

  3. Sigills and SSundee are so funny I Laugh to death to this 9:41

  4. POV SSUNDEE: this video has 10k more than his last card game

  5. The last board game had 137k likes, and when I’m watching this video, it has 147k

  6. How does a comment that’s saying that the person loves his vids only have 13 likes but a comment that says here’s how these vids go, he gets a gold pump and never loses which is basically a hate comment get 277 likes it is 21x more likes this community has been dropped on their head 20 times in a row as a toddler on purpose.

  7. First spoons video: Biffle: I GET GRAYS??? Second spoons video: Biffle:Remembers first spoons video. Also biffle:kills himself

  8. lgggnhturjetiugrkjdhbtukgkuhtgkjrhglkftguhgufygfhbvjd FOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. We need bloons tower defence 6 series again!

  10. i letirally laugh when delears said a joke

  11. The eager season temporally pinch because edward immunologically weigh until a momentous kiss. ultra, moaning dashboard

  12. Can we get 100likes on this Ill appreciate it…

  13. should make new combo with new weapons this seasons he would be unstoppable

  14. ssundee can u wear a diffrent skin it si always john wick

  15. This is so good that I am still watching 2years later

  16. The ssundee video thats new where he actually put new

  17. The only reason people dislike is because he cursed on accident

  18. Isn’t he supposed to be the same rarity for guns?

  19. what happened with those 10 kills in the top right corner

  20. Keep up the great work I love your video's they are the best!!! Yes that was an amazing little scream

  21. bro how does he always get dance grenades and shockwave

  22. Ssundee pls play a gun game with me I really suck at fortnite and I just want to be in your video🙁

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