Star Wars Unlimited! New Trading Card Game from FFG coming in 2024! -

Star Wars Unlimited! New Trading Card Game from FFG coming in 2024!

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Fantasy Flight Games is bring is a brand new Star Wars Trading Card Game in 2024! Check it out here:
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  1. Cautiously optimistic about this game. I want to know more but I am excited!!
    Would love to see a solo mode, maybe similar to what Ashes Reborn did.
    Would love to see this use thr Conquest 40k mechanics of a commander that starts in play.
    I hope they make room for more factions than just Rebels and Empire. Hoping Scum, Republic, Separatists, etc… are already thought of even if they arent in the initial release. Dont want to just see Dark vs Light.

    and to answer your question, favorite game of all time is Vampire the Eternal Struggle!!

  2. Interesting. I will reserve an opinion until I see game play.

  3. I have less than zero faith that Asmodee will stick with this if it doesn't do immediate gangbusters and surpass MTG and Pokemon combined. Maybe this will be "the one" but I've lived through at least 30 years of short lived Star Wars card games that were supposed to be the one that would go for decades. There's too many issues with Asmodee getting bored and being beholden to a rights holder to have a MTG or even Pokemon product where it's run in house (after the initial WotC development). Three sets a year though Asmodee, might want to look at how well that's working out for Hasbro right now and how too much product is burning itself out.

  4. I can see myself playing until sequel trilogy cards come into the game. Then I will stop playing.

  5. Not a fan of TCG's. Even less so if it is randomized cards, as I feel that it is a VERY predatory practice. I'm a fan of of miniature games, and have been transitioning to to co-op or solo narrative Skirmish Games – Things Like Space Station Zero, or 5 Parsecs from Home, where you can use any miniatures you want.

  6. Some of my favorite games are X-Wing, Star Wars LCG, and Star Wars Edge of the Empire. I played these back when they first came out almost a decade ago and they had a huge impact on me at the time.

  7. I'm not to hopeful on this. I just feel like it is yet another Star Wars card game to die in obscurity…

  8. I'd consider an LCG. But I'm out on TCGs. Hope it sticks around, though, for those who like that gambling aspect of TCGs.

  9. This seems like the Star Wars card game that was out in the 90s. It was super fun and they did the same, releasing expansion packs every 6 months or so.

  10. I am skeptical about it… I am not a big fan of TCG principle (buying random cards leading to a kind of pay to win mechanic) in the first place, but I love MTG and the level of customisation. I am more concerned about the game play mechanics, I d fear it looks like a reskinned simplified MTG. I have a hard time imagining what other kind of game play could be applied to a TCG… but this is more likely because I only played MTG in tTCG😂 I am also concerned about being the only one of my friends playing that game (they are not particularly fans of SW and already play MTG Commander, cheap as you can only buy a commander deck and set to play. No need of additional booster for casual fun time).

  11. Meh, no interest in random booster packs, seems like a money sink. Wish they would just focus on adding to their already proven SW hits like Outer Rim, IA, or Rebellion. Or a SW based version of Arkham Horror LCG.

  12. Favorite game: Neuroshima Hex. Favorite Star Wars game: Rebellion or Star Wars The Deckbuilding Game, depending on the mood and time available.

  13. Guess when they decided to do a Disney MTG, a Star Wars MTG couldn't be far behind….

  14. I spent hundreds of dollars on Destiny only to find that the competitive community really sucked. It became all about net decking and who could afford the best card combinations. I came from the then very vibrant and friendly X-Wing community… meeting and playing with new card gamers was not a great experience.

  15. Looks interesting, I may buy in to this one

  16. Can't wait! Have been waiting for a new Star wars CCG for years. Hope FFG sort their problems out!

  17. More first year bargain bin card games from companies inevitably unwilling to support them long term

  18. No thanks. There is currently a saturation of SW properties in game form.

  19. Fool me once, shame on you FFG. Fool me twice, shame on me

    My huge box of Star Wars Destiny dice are weeping right now

  20. Right now, playing deckbuiling and X-wing mostly with the neighbour, super awesome! Looking forwards to this, even with a couple of prebuilt decks.

  21. I’ve been really enjoying the Lord of the Rings LCG!

  22. i really hope it's not just OT era stuff. star wars is so much bigger and wider than that now and limiting it to OT would to me personally be rather boring

  23. Looks cool, but it's still no Legion. Gotta have my plastic peeps

  24. I would have preferred a Star Wars coop adventure LCG like Arkham or LotR.

  25. Curious about this. Too many TCGs are just pay to wins. Would prefer another LCG. And one of my favorite board games is Ticket to Ride

  26. I don't understand how anyone can get excited for a tcg anymore. Unless they're MtG, Pokemon & Yugioh, you barely stand a chance for it to last. After Destiny, def won't trust FFG to support this for any decent amount of time.

  27. Didn't the just release a star wars card game within the last month?

  28. Star Wars Unlimited but they are limiting it………..huh.

  29. Destiny and Imperial Assault are some of my favorite games. While it's sad it ended prematurely, Destiny was a fantastic game. FFG really does make it good games, so yea, I'm totally in on this. They certainly have acknowledged their past missteps in the announcement. They have been significantly better about their release dates with things like Marvel Champions so I guess we'll see how this works out.

  30. Why cant they make a Star wars card game in the vein of Arkham horror the card game. Id be so down for that

  31. My top 3:

    1. Arkham Horror 3rd edition
    2. Star Wars Legion
    3. Star Wars Rebellion

  32. I LOVED Destiny!
    Not 100% this is going to take off. FFG has already given us a great game with the new Deckbuilder. I'm wondering if this will be Destiny without dice…? I REALLY hope this will be Asymmetric like Netrunner…

  33. I still have all my cards from Decipher's SWCCG back from the early 2000s. 😂 Loved it even though I was never any good, but the cards were so cool.

  34. Marvel Champions is one of my favorite games and honestly I’d love a Star Wars LCG (never got to the last one).

  35. Was a big fan of Destiny, the combination of cards and dice was fantastic. The way they handled it at the end was really poor and burnt many who were heavily invested. The removal of dice compared to Destiny will certainly make this more attractive and cheaper to produce for FFG. Keyforge was a nice idea but the technical aspect was just too advanced to develop to the scale of mass market with what they had at the time, fingers crossed for the crowd funding

  36. Shame, hoped for something different to this! Rebellion clone wars, that would be perfect!

  37. I played the old decipher Star Wars CCG and the Star Trek CCG. Spent way to much money on those decks lol. I’ll probably pass on this now though since I’m not interested in another money sink.

  38. So it won't be online. Dead in the water then. You cannot break Magic.

    Magic Arena is pretty good these days for a Magic fix.

  39. Need to see how this compares to Decipher's Star Wars CCG.

  40. I am interested to see what Star Wars Unlimited will look like. I really liked Star Wars LCG and was sad they stopped producing it. But it is what it is.

    Some of my favorites: Star Wars: X Wing; Star Wars LCG; Battletech; BattleTroop/ClanTroop; Aerotech; Pokemon.

  41. Man… when are we seeing an expansion for SW The Deck Building?

    This feels like salt on the wounds

  42. Not even the slightest care for this. These things rise and fall so fast with FF I can’t be bothered to care at this point. Buyer beware for everyone who buys into it.

  43. Sounds interesting. Currently looking for a tabletop and/or card game to get into.

  44. I am excited about this and can’t wait to learn more!

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