Super Wildcard Weekend NFL Game Picks -

Super Wildcard Weekend NFL Game Picks

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  1. I love these 3 !! ❤ they have such tremendous chemistry and they look and sound like they're having fun!! And they're all so humble and knowledgeable! Keep up the good work! 👍👍👍 3 thumbs up!

  2. That is BS Buccaneers and Seahawks were the first Germany game. Not the Chiefs and Dolphins.

  3. a woman, a white guy and a black guy. the formula for EVERY new channel nowadays

  4. I think chiefs are going to win 24-20 it is going to be a close game and a cold one

  5. Why do they have a bar maid talking sports😅

  6. Never seen a 12-5 team be disrespected so hard in all my years of watching football… Lets go Lions

  7. Brown/Chiefs/Bills/Bucs/Rams/Cowboys. Bucs can upset at home with a slumping eagles team opposing them & the Rams are a sleeper pick to make the Superbowl imo.

  8. browns, dolphins by a fluke,lions and packers by a fluke, eagles,bills…..locked in final answer

  9. everyone nut hugging rams – congrats kobie turner got most of his sacks against coverage sacks. You’re running back got half his against bad teams. Rams are in for a long night when they play a legit team with pent up fan rage

  10. Winners:
    Cleveland ✅
    Detroit ✅
    Buffalo ✅

  11. Some of these projected scores seem so off. I mean KC v. MIA 27-25? So you're saying Miami will kick 6 field goals? Ok Boomer.

  12. Flac good for 2 into maybe 3. ILL GO HEAD TO HEAD WITH THESE CLOWNS PICKING GAMES. Lol.

  13. Dude. Final scores of "25" are so rare. These guys are weird. Go LIONS!

  14. The greed of the NFL over their little entertainment league is reaching new heights. Now cutting off the general public to playoff games after previously cutting the public off to Monday night football some years back is laughable. Havent missed Monday night football since they pulled that stupidity on the general public and will not miss not watching a playoff game either. Who cares about watching two teams play live in crazy temps anyway, especially when you can just hop on youtube afterwards and skip all the constant comercials to catch the highlights. I hope their little greed experiment goes pop and they lose millions over the stunt.

  15. Nfl should change the rule of tie breaker get in the playoffs

  16. Every tie breaker should vs each other on Thursday

  17. So NFL you don’t make enough money that you need to force people to pay a streaming service to watch playoff games now??

  18. Prediction, tonights game on peacock will be lowest rated playoff game in recent history. 1, I will never subscibe to corrupt NBC. 2, You want me to support something, show it to me. If it's behind a subscription service that I like many others will never pay for does it actully exist to us? Finally as a supposed anti-racism organization don't you find it a little racist to cut the poorist people out by being behind a subscription they can't afford. Whatever, just like anything else it's about execs lining their pockets and not the players or fans. And any advertiser not asking for a huge discount on tonights adds is not very business smart. Whats next, NFC and AFC championship games by subscription only. Why even watch if the important games cost extra. Enjoy your underviewed, low rated, paywall game. Just remember you chose peacock over your fans and you have 1 less, and I bet money I'm not the only one that feels this way.

  19. Claybon – 60% Rosenthal 63% / Frelund 61% Hardly enough wins to call any of this a victory. My cat could possibly pick randomly and get the same percentage. We are talking a league where this year top teams are only winning 60% of their games. So, they are on par with the average. This is why the house always wins.

  20. I'm still proud of my 152- 122 record this year

  21. News flash, CeeDee getting over 100 yards against who? The Giants, The Jets?? That's hysterical. Don't place your bets on this info. Lol

  22. wait, there’s a playoff game tonight between the Dolphins and Chiefs…?

  23. If you needed one more reason to believe that these games are rigged here you go. The NFL has chosen to move the Steelers/Bulls game to Monday due to the weather. What the f*ck?? So sub-zero weather at Arrowhead doesn’t warrant a postponement? Sounds like there is a concerted effort to put Miami out and ensure Buffalo stays in. This is complete bullsh*t.

  24. If my Steelers don't make it. I'm going for the Browns or the Lions to win it all! I want to see one of these teams get their first ring. 💯

  25. Texans 27, Browns 17
    Chiefs 17 Dolphins 14
    Bills 27 Steelers 20
    Boyz 35, Packers 17
    Rams 30 Lions 24
    Egirls 10, Bucs 23

  26. Miami has never won a game in Buffalo when the weather is close to or below freezing. KC will win this game.

  27. You’re out of your mind if you think the Lions are going to lose their game against the rams. There is no chance they don’t don’t win that game. Get real!

  28. This morning, I was shocked to see the folks on NFL Network TV, as all predicted the Browns beating the Texans in TX. Waaaoooo!!! They were all wrong. Come on Michael, Kurt, Cynthia, … ! How come you couldn't anticipate that EVERY team steps it up in the playoffs? CJ Stroud was a stud. That was a total destruction of the Browns.

  29. Wildcard weekend…wanna watch the Chiefs and Dolphins?….pay up suckers

  30. Oh look, Texans won 45-14 against the Browns. How do y’all feel about that now? 😂

  31. Houston put the gloves on for their game they were there for business nothing personal

  32. Greg is smarter than them by a long shot 😂😂😂get him some better comp

  33. This isn't a spot it's entertaining purposes only now days lol

  34. Texans will win and so will k.c simple

  35. Hey Cynthia – the Lions' day has come — Enjoy this Lions feast on the Rams 😂😂😂

  36. After a rough start im 178-94 thanks for the help guys i won my league woohoo !!

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