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Swim’s Guide – 5 Ways of Getting Better at Card Games for Runeterra

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  1. TYSM this is a really valuable video! I have played trading card games casually on and off for over a decade and never did better than average at best, couldn't understand any approach other than some super complicated comparison to chess style. This explanation you give is the perfect example of displaying mastery of the subject through brevity.
    You hit many key points in very little time. I understood balance deck and mana curves, but I did not understand shaving off some strength to shore up a weakness. Maybe these cards that synergize well do not need to be included because they are not needed when I win, but there are close games that could have been won had I ran this not as synergistic card with a utility component. Shave/shore.
    (Right now I am just grinding out frejlord/demacia having tuned the base deck a bit and learning how to play it. I did take an unsuccessful step into poros with the deck for a few matches before swapping back toward some elites and such, but still have much more to learn and adjust.)
    I did make some mistakes several times on the order or situations. So one example was a Braum attack, then an enemy bugg, then I was unable to use my own buff before they clashed and braum died while I had the mana and the buff in hand. I feel like they have a left to right rule for both attacking/defending as well as a spell "stack" but it needs to be understood FULLY because it can really help or harm you from wasting cards or making errors, so a burst is faster than a fast, but it will still always go on the stack to the left (I think).
    If you could make a brief video about some of the areas noobs like me could screw this up and how to stop fcking it up I would really appreciate it!!! You obviously have a huge talent for this game and for making noob friendly content. ^_^

  2. I never really took it that seriously when I was younger but once I saw riot making a card game might as well try it.

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