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Taco Bell Party Pack Card Game Review – with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at a game a bout getting Taco Bell!!

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  1. Picked this up for $5 at Five Below and it was a stocking stuffer for my wife. Well worth the $5 but I wouldn’t spend much more on it.

  2. Nice to see Tom get a reprieve from the Hasbro games.

  3. THIS GAME SUCKED!!! per 10yr old, 13 yr old, 24 yr old and 45 yrs old. Ruined family game night. MONEY BACK guaranteed!!

  4. To be honest, it doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would.

  5. I have to say I'm ever so slightly disappointed in the review lol. Was expecting another Monopoly: Builder saga 😀

  6. I saw this game on the wall in the previous review, and I told my wife to be on the lookout for a review in the near future. And I'm not disappointed!

  7. Miracle of miracles, something from Taco Bell that won't end with me clutching my stomach swearing to the Divines that I will never go to Taco Bell again.

  8. A meh game for a meh taco. so, flavor wins?

  9. “better than the Mac and cheese game but not as good as the pop tart game” – Tom Vasel

  10. at 5:13 you should definitely add cards to link to those other reviews

  11. "I feel like that same review could be used for taco bell." – Angrily clutching my Chalupa.

  12. You know, this is a slightly different take on Just Desserts from Looney Labs and I like that game! I might pick this up if I EVER see it in the UK.

  13. "On a scale of mac and cheese to Pop-Tart, it's about a Taco Bell."

  14. Once I saw Ravensburger I figured it would be at least OK and I was right.

  15. Kneel before the almighty crunch wrap supreme

  16. Feed the crew? Is this an Uwe Rozenberg Taco Bell Card game?

  17. If I never play this….and never eat at Taco Bell again….life will be just fine! I don't understand the obsession with some really crappy, generic, so called "Mexican" food.

  18. Tom is great even when he’s not trying to be great. I love it.

  19. Looks a lot like Just Desserts, which is a pretty good game, but I don't feel the need to add this to my collection. Who knows, maybe I'll have a lapse in judgement (much like when I decide to eat at Taco Bell) and buy it on clearance for $2 someday.

  20. Are nacho fries in this game? It would the most sense if it was a promo card.

  21. 4:09 Taco Bell's menu is literally the same ingredients arranged in different shapes.

  22. for an advertisement, the hot sauce cards, taco box, and chips are cute.

  23. Wow, in my mind, Ravensburger always existed as a the most German of all the German publishers. Then again, there's no release for this game in Germany as there are only a handful of Taco Bell restaurants there. The design of the cards looks very entertaining though!

  24. When Taco-Bell does better board games than Hasbro.

  25. I get the desire for simplicity but if only it did "something" a bit different. I'm a big TBell fan but will pass on this one.

  26. Does Tom not have a crew or does he have a crew and not feed them?

  27. I can see this game box getting mistaken for an actual old Taco Bell box and getting thrown in the trash at the end of a game night.

  28. So, I have to ask, are there actually any such things as Taco Bell "fans?" I mean, I eat a lot of Taco Bell, and I like it…but I'm not a Taco Bell "fan." Do they actually exist?

    Now, Whataburger on the other hand…

  29. I'm not from the US, so I don't know what the Taco Bell boxes you have look like, but when Tom said it is a Taco Bell box my first thought was: if someone has a few boxes from their last visit, and they were playing the game while eating they will gather the boxes up to throw away and then wonder where the game is.

  30. Who doesn't love a Crunch Wrap Supreme?!?!?!

  31. Dr. Steve Bruele should have assisted on this review: "For your Taco Bell, ya hunk!"

  32. Thanks, Tom. I feel like I would nod off halfway through this game.

  33. Going to pick this up for the family. Looks quick and easy to learn for the kids.

  34. Art overall is great. Game seems pretty meh though. I feel like I’d play it once and be bored.

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