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Tarot Card… Games?

Learn Tarot Card Games
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What’s that you say? You can play games with Tarot Cards?! Like, these Tarot Cards? Oh ok, not exactly *those* Tarot Cards but… actually they still kind of are *those* Tarot Cards after all? #tarot #tarocchi #tarocco #tarocchino #tarocchini #tarock #tarokk #königrufen #cego #frenchtarot #sloveniantarot #cards #playingcards #cardgames #troccas


  1. I'm suprised nobody's mentioned jojos in this comment section lmao

  2. Youd love the anima antiqua decks by lo scarabeo

  3. Love your channel. Just discovering it. (Due to the Freud-Tarok connection)

  4. So happy to have found this I kinda just started to use a regular rws deck as a playing game with my mom and son and I knew it started out as a game so we kinda did one like spades but we call it trumps and I can't wait to see how close we were to the actual games.

  5. As a Christian that clearly is forbidden in doing divination and fortune telling (thats what it is plain and simple with the readings) this is a fun thing to do with old tarot decks instead of screaming "DEMONS"

  6. Thx for your video. Do you speak Hungarian?

  7. Dungeon solitaire by Matthew Lowes. Lowes is THE dungeon master. Even the instruction manuals are special in their own way. The tarot deck is called Labyrinth of souls. The extra arcana deck is called the Devils playground. I recommend to anyone who enjoys complex solitaire card games or trafitional dungeon delve games. The art is weird, dark fantasy, so if that sounds cool to you, dont miss out its very cool.

  8. What annoys me about people who read tarot cards is they generally refuse to acknowledge it started out as a game.

  9. Is it possible to play French Tarot with 6 players?

  10. I just got a deck of tarot cards that has the original rider Waite artwork but still have corner pips with the swords, cups, Wands, and pentacles and the number of the card as part of the corner pip, and it’s the standard playing card size. I love it.

  11. I appreciate the video! French Tarot decks are excellent!

  12. I bet you could play five crowns with a tarot deck since it's five suited and plays like rummy.

  13. please help me find solitaire games with a 50 card baraja espanola deck

  14. I got two decks from Dead on Paper that combine a standard playing card deck with Tarot, so that the symbols in the corners are an artistic combination of both corresponding suits from either deck (so the Swords look kinda like Clubs, the Cups look kinda like Hearts, etc.) and I absolutely love the style! I have one in the dark style, and one in the light style, and they both look phenomenal and play excellently for both standard card games and ones that rely on a tarot deck!

  15. I wonder what would happen if you sent Magic the Gathering cards 500 years into the past with a time machine.

  16. Go play "Tarot Cards of Fate", the steps are simple.1.) Have 3 players, each representing the past, present, and future. The past and future are the only ones fighting and future is like the middle and is not an opponent.2.) Get all of the 22 major arcana tarot cards and shuffle it, make sure to do the riffle to make some cards reversed when placed.3.) Place all of the cards on a circular alignment.Now the goal:Notes: The 22 cards has values, from The Fool (0) to The World (21). The Fool only has zero so it's a wild card, flipping it on the upright position means the present wins while upside down means the past wins, same rules to the other cards, when they draw a 15 but reversed, it'll subtract, but if upright, it adds up to the current score. The objective of the game is simple, there is only one score shared between the past, present, and future. The goal of the past is to make it negative whole the present is to make it positive, for the future, it also matters, they will be the final changer of the game. Each gets one turn, the past plays outside the circle while the present and future plays inside the circle of tarot cards. The present draws first, they draw "The Magician" in the upright position, that gives the current score a positive one since its on the upright position, if it's reversed, it'll give the score a negative one. Next, the past draws one outside, they got a reversed/upside down "The World", that subtracts a total of 21 from the current score (positive one) which makes it negative 20. Lastly, the game changer, future draws "The Judgement" on the upright positions, which means negative 20 becomes 0, the game ends with a draw with that circumstances. Simple yet thrilling!

  17. I learned so much from this video! This gives me some ideas on a potential Tarot game using regular Tarot decks. Thanks! 🌟🌟🌟

  18. I have been doing some similar research over the last few years, particularly during Covid times. I really like the Swiss cards, they are really nice and clear while retaining much of the original suits and trumps etc. (and they have a long history of being used both for games and for divination). I recently came up with my own rules, where I melded some Danish and Italian rules, and tweaked and simplified it a bit (the Danish game is excellent although a bit complicated). Not sure who to play it with though 🙂

  19. Megamunden Tattoo Tarot is our nephews aged 8-11 favorite deck right now. We use it in playing Skull King rules. And named it new game called Tarot Thrones.
    Instead of 5Pirates we have 5Thrones, 5 slave cards instead of escape cards, and we have the Assasin Card the Hermit instead of Skull King.

  20. What tarot deck can you actually play with

  21. Thank you for sharing your research i stumbled upon the playing card version on accident on google. This was one of the only videos detailing this.

  22. Interesting video! I worked in a restaurant for years with old school Italians, and the older guys always played a game with a fancy deck of cards that looked like tarot cards, but they were closer to playing cards in structure : )

  23. What a great Channel!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge 😀

  24. Fascinating material! So I have two questions: do people today know what card games were played by TdM decks? Are they still played anywhere in Europe? And do you have any sense when the more Italian tradition of decks being used for both card games and cartomancy began to diverge?

  25. Really enjoyed learning about this – thanks! I also stumbled across French Tarot on BGA and was curious about the connection.

  26. Are there Tarot games for two players? So far I only found games for three players or more.

  27. About Rider Waite as a playing card deck, for those who never played tarot card games: It is definitely doable. The perk is that every card has a roman numeral over the artwork, and about the suits, they are drawn in such a way that you can at least see one element of the suit while fanning the hand, and the way you handle the deck is not much different than a Marseille deck, which is an older style of playing cards art. Apart from some very specific cards, almost all cards can be identified no problem.

    What the real problem is with most divination decks is that the information is either at the bottom of the cards or no written information is at the cards at all, making it impossible to fan the cards and accurately draw any information of what are you holding at hand. So if you are like me, where finding proper playing cards outside Europe (especially here in Brazil, where these decks are almost non existent), here is my list of best alternatives:

    1- Marseille deck – it is an historic option and it was meant for games anyway. For english speakers, the suits require a bit of used to;

    2- Rider Waite deck, especially the original print artwork – the numbers might be small, but it is enough for you to identify the number, and the art can tell what suit is the card;

    3- Adapting a 54-card deck (52 with the two jokers) for specific games – if you really want to save a buck, lots of tarot games use only part of a tarot deck, many German and Austrian games use a 54 tarot deck in specific, so you can put the top 8 suit cards as the "suits", and adapt the rest of the pile as the trumps, the order can be anything as long as it is fixed. Although people used to some German card games would be fine with this (Sheepshead and Doppelkopf uses queens, jacks and one of the suits as a very long "trump suit"), this is not recommended at all because it would be too much work when using a tarot deck makes it clear what the trumps and their numbers are.

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