TCG TIER LIST - All Currently Available TCGs! (November 2022) -

TCG TIER LIST – All Currently Available TCGs! (November 2022)

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As a special part of our Extra Life Charity 25-hour Livestream, Dan ranked all (as many as we could find!) Trading Card Games in North American distribution as of November 2022! Some games, like One Piece, are not readily available yet and were not included! Where does your favorite game land?

Remember, these are only opinions, and there are many factors to consider! If you agree or disagree with any picks, sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Bushiroad when it comes to vanguard is just so skow to adapt. And sometimes they make good decisions and then every once in a while they make you scratch your brain .

  2. Theres so msny new games snd so msny i want to play i feel bad passing up games like FoW or Wix for shadowverse

  3. Pokémon gonna die now because they also started feeding into the interracial dating lgbtq white girl + minority leftist ideology with their new show. go woke go broke

  4. I definitely would not put pokemon at A List. Magic is fun but it’s reliancy on mana is annoying. I would put Digimon on S list Magic on A, Yugioh B and Pokemon C but those are the only ones I’ve played on this list

  5. yugioh and pokemon are the same rank!! they are designed for one to be more strategic so an older audience can start to play!! but the whole point of magic the gathering is its FLAWLESS!! NO GAME BEATS MTG!!! and finally vanguards only issue is the only decks people can really get are the overdress, we want the original royal paladins back!

  6. This was a lot of fun to listen to!

  7. hello. I'm still undecided Any recommendations between magic and flesh and blood? Which should I choose?

  8. How do you say you have problems with konami and put it in B, but put magic in S? Have you heard anything about Hasbro and WOTC in the last year? None of their players have good feelings about them. Was that to get comments?

  9. Interestingly, I like V:TES, Nisei and Ashes more than any of these TCG's in terms of straight up gameplay with the only exception being FAB.
    I also wonder about the actual gameplay of Lorcana… (especially the interaction between players.) And am looking forward to Sorcery and Drakerion (very overlooked for how quick and good it can be.)
    I'm also hesitantly interested in the Star Wars TCG next year.

  10. Final Fantasy also have the worst art of all the list

  11. I don’t even think once the competitive scene falls out would be the death of MtG. Its almost as much a staple as monopoly at this point. So many fathers and sons and siblings and school friends just play the shit out of it and have a blast and keep playing it for years and years. As someone who never really got into the competitive scene of magic, I just love the damn game so much. Its more approachable than I think a lot of people give it credit for and its just endless fun for me and my brother and dad.

  12. Duel masters is a tcg.. why is it not in the list?

  13. MTG as a game is pretty good, but I don't like the land system. It increases the luck factor no matter how skilled you are in deck-building.

    but it's biggest flaw is Hasbro's greed.

  14. FFTcg Easily an A Tier game now especially with the travel circuit back.l, store championships and etc

  15. Ya yughio is definitely a great game but Konami is very anti consumer however I do like the variety and speed of a game getting ftked does suck but consistent starts get banned usually

  16. Sorry but magic has gotten ruined over the last year's. Maximum c tier

  17. Terrible. Fire list if it wasn't for Pokémon in A TIER!!!!!! That's insane; shows signs of lead poisoning.

  18. Love your list. I would love to hear what you think about the One Piece tcg

  19. by the time Konami bans the tier 0 deck, they will already have printed another one

  20. I play FaB, Magic, and MHA currently and I used to play Pokemon and Yugioh, all at a high level but not pro. FaB is my favorite game because I like the champion style gameplay and each deck and character feels unique and powerful to play with and against. I agree with your placing of these games except I would argue that Pokemon should go down to B tier because when I played, I felt like each of my decks would hit a hard ceiling at some point and there just was no room for growth. So while the game is great to start playing, having a game get to the point where you say "well I've done everything; I'm satisfied" is not a great feeling

  21. I tried to get into Flesh and Blood, but I really didn’t enjoy the game either. I moved to Final Fantasy and really love it. I’m just playing casually though with my friends.

  22. Hey sir! Was love love love this video! As someone who's a FFTCG guy, everyone agrees with you about FFTCG

  23. Fftcg is a slick game. Miss playing it.

  24. agora still running KS to get new sets out, ABSOLUTE SCAM lol just a pump and dump

  25. Yu Gi Oh being put down for Konami and Magic gets S tier with Wizards in charge…

  26. Bandai "spreading the players time". US tcg culture is different than Japanese tcg culture. Non-US players normally play more than one game.

  27. MtG is definitely C teir. Game play is trash, all because the land mechanics.

  28. omg he keeps saying LCG when he means ECG. Like people who say Kleenex instead of tissue

  29. As a BIG Yugioh fan, i agree that yugioh is not S tier, tho i think its low A tier.

  30. Just found this video but I agree FFTCG is such an underrated game just cause the company themselves don't believe in it. Square is sitting on a golden goose and they don't realise it.

  31. I would have based them off of popularity, then cost, then prize support for sanctioned events. Mtg, pokemon, and yugioh are all instantly top spots off of that criteria,but that is just my opinion. I know people who hate yugioh cause it is too complex, and i know people who hate pokemon because it isn't complex enough. Mtg forcing you to stay up to date in standard format as well as pokemon kinda svcks, but magic is the worst about forcing you to buy a new deck every 3 months for standard.

  32. can't believe CFV is C when cardfight vanguard plays better than nearly every game on the list & evolution of mechanics while not getting degen like 10 min ygo turns is amazing.

  33. This looks more like a popularity list than whether games are good or not.

    "Flesh and Blood. I didnt enjoy it but its S tier because you should have no problem finding a play group."

    Thanks for the fake list instead of saying what you really think of these games.

  34. JUst stubbled across this, FaB by far is the most flawed game I've played and the only thing keeping it together is the community. Putting it in an S is such a bad take

  35. Final Fantasy should be an A for being the best TCG available in terms of mechanics and deckbuilding. One Piece has it's awesome Don!! system, MtG has sheer variety of mechanics, but FFTCG stands out as the best overall game to play. There's much original artwork in the game now, which was a big complaint upon release. Promos and rare cards are handled a lot better now too. The game also retained its playerbase (tournament attendance numbers wise) through Covid, though it seems in some areas the game isn't represented at all – overall I'd say its doing well and has one of the friendliest gaming communities out there. Square's almost criminal lack of marketing and lack of good tournament/prize support remains a big issue that holds the game back and stops it being an S tier game.

  36. I used to play ufs around red horizons. absolutely love the game. they're doing good with the game. i really don't know why they're having such issues getting a playerbase. idk if it's marketing or what.

  37. Some tcg looks so fun but i'm alone irl so i will never play it

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