Tech N9ne Performs the Wild Card Halftime Show -

Tech N9ne Performs the Wild Card Halftime Show

Kansas City Chiefs
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Kansas City’s own Tech N9ne performs live from GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium at halftime of the Chiefs Wild Card game vs. Pittsburgh Steelers. #PITvsKC

📺: SNF on NBC | January 16th @ 7:15pm CT

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  1. Ninaaaaa!!!! Kansas City fans – I’m jealous!

  2. Red Kingdom ….he killed it…. don't change your television sets we have now taken over there waves 3x we test ….

  3. Congrats to tech!!! Worked so hard and finally getting recognized

  4. The crowd looks so bored tech N9ne deserves more energy

  5. I wanted to give a huge shout out to CHOPSHOPKC, I know Mr. Heath Porter, that ran the embroidery of the Snake and Bat Logo on the back of the Jacket, Tech N9ne was wearing during that performance. Get Chopped Babyyy!!!!

  6. Unfortunately 95% -99% percent of the people there only know him from face off. And the people who know him from face off only know the rocks part

  7. As a titans fan I'm upset the crowd didnt give him the energy he deserved. Went and saw tech and knotfest and he killed it!

  8. Lol they have no idea who he is. Here I am pushing 40 and from the south and would have been lit 😂

  9. Even here in KC we don't like tech any more haha

  10. Washington Bullets is offensive? "He pulled the trigger on that one…" is offensive? But a halftime performance by a man named after a poor mans uzi is ok?

  11. What the f*** is wrong with the audience

  12. Love you tech . And I think you give a f*** too much and that audience was faulty

  13. Pathetic crowd. Tech deserve so much more respect than that.

  14. Starting riots doing drugs killin folks and praising the devil is a bad look n9ne

  15. Man I would have singing along and bouncing like a fool.

  16. He was 🔥 the white folks had no idea who he is 🤣

  17. I think Tech could've picked better songs then maybe the crowd would've been hyped.

  18. Loved the replay video hate the crowd didn't pass the vibe check

  19. I thought the crowd was lame AF until I heard them in the background when Tech was playin Einstein.

    Made me hype AF and I'm not even a Chiefs fan lol

  20. I know Tech was nervous with the crowd size and the magnitude of the atmosphere. Chiefs fans didn't give him the energy he deserves and it's crazy that Denver fans go crazy over him more than we do.

  21. Tech N9ne is the best rapper to know these days. Great i watched this, becoming a legend and i even learned he's a KC Chiefs fan. Gotta love these things! Tech N9ne, Teramana! ✌🏻

  22. What you hear in this video is not how we heard it in the stands. This is so clear you can understand what's going on. In the stands, it looked like we wanted none but not the case.

  23. T9 holding it down for his home town. Much love and respect from the West Coast

  24. Killin it eve though crowd was lame.i would have freaked out.

  25. Brother was hella nervous see his hands shaking god love him i can only imagine the mixed emotions performing to a crowd so large would’ve felt mad pressure and being in your home town but not know how many people in that crowd know your songs your a absolute king tech thanks for the inspiration nothing but love from Australia 🇦🇺

  26. Everyone saying they dident give him the energy, only klusterfuks know who tech is what did yall expect

  27. Why is it always a rap band or hip hop at the Super Bowl? Why do they think everyone likes that garbage?

  28. Was waiting on him to do stamina/tech n9ne gun salute at the end, that would of been 🔥

  29. Just seemed boring how it was preformed shud been on the field tbh , tech n9ne is sick though

  30. Priest Holmes had a bigger ovation before the start of the game than this guy! LOL

  31. That's where Tech belongs (PACKED STADIUMS)! But with real Technicians. So proud of him.

  32. Yes sir the goat the legend the king 👑 tech N9ne is a true legend if you don't know do your research^S^

  33. It's wild to me, Macklemore gets deafening love in Seattle but tech, who has had a significantly longer and more prolific career, get crickets

  34. T3ch n9ne has got some real good talent . keep up the good work t3ch n9ne!!!

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