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Ted’s TCG Expo Explained | Trading Card Games Welcome

Ted’s Basement
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I’m testing out a new video concept called Ted’s TCG Expo. This will be a long form podcast style live stream that runs continuously for a fewn hours, allowing up to 10 games to each have 15-20 minutes to tell us what they are about. It’s a way for viewers to learn about games quickly and decide if its something to look into deeper. Not every game will seem cool to everyone, please be respectful and enjoy the expo. If this is successful ill do it more. dates and times will be fourth coming.

if you are a game creator DM me if you wish to participate.

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  1. This is a very cool concept! I like it. We have been interviewing new tcgs and such on our podcast, and it's great, it showcases one at a time, but this is a nice quick format for each one to showcase their stuff and move on. Then people could find other content related to that TCG for more info. I like it! Good luck with it!

  2. Game creators, remember you need to DM me to request a slot and then I can give you confirmation. We will handle scheduling from there.

  3. Please get Cannibeasts on here. As a raging drug addict I feel like I can really get behind a game like that!!

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