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Ten of the Best, New*, Small-Box Boardgames!

Shut Up & Sit Down
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In this CHUNKY video review, Tom and Quinns are appraising ten (ten!) unique small-box games and telling YOU where the gems are at. All of these games are fabulous, we had a blast playing them, and we hope you enjoy this frankly rather silly little video.

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0:00 Oooo… This looks like a VERY fun video!
1:56 Spots
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4:12 For Sale In *UK&Europe:*
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6:42 Yokai Septet
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8:13 Hungry Monkey
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10:11 Twilight Inscription
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12:01 Worldbreakers
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13:57 Voyages & Aquamarine
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16:05 Trek 12
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18:04 Trailblazers
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20:14 For the Queen
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22:34 What have YOU learned?



  1. This kind of video is my bag baby.

  2. Quinn's faces at the start are just fucking gold, had me in tears.

  3. 5:30 For sale is an awesome game ❤️ just love it, but I need to say that Papergames' version is the most beautiful I've ever seen. 🇧🇷

  4. Don't scratch your balls mid review please.

  5. Very fascinating. Glad I found your channel, nice SHORT reviews so I don't have to spend two years finding new games.

  6. Great reviews but I gotta say great camera or software upgrade. Silky, smooth board game action now in 60fps!

  7. Really good choices, and I would definitely pick up some of these especially For Sale, but For Northwood by Wilhelm Su definitely belongs on a revised version of this list!

  8. Some of these developers are so small they can't reach the kitchen sink.

  9. Tom wasn't born in 1997? How is he allowed?

  10. "What are you for?" is such a savage burn.

  11. great overview of so many games! Twilight Inscription, IT'S FINE! lol

  12. Could have switch it on 😉. How is the AI? How does it compare for value with something like square off and gochess?

  13. Your chemistry keeps me coming back for years. Such a wonderful show

  14. I am shook that you didn't enjoy Radlands. My goty of 2021!

  15. Them calling the audience little nerds at 7:00 feels like the equivalent of making silly noises to a baby to try and make them smile

  16. The Twilight Inscription review is maybe my favorite review of any game.

  17. "ketchup as mouth wash, not so tasty"

    I didnt come here to be judged…

  18. The real fun with For the Queen is not using the preset queen cards and letting the nature of the the world, the queen and you yourself unfold as you play. For example, if you are asked "What do you love about the queen?" the answer of "her chitinous exterior" sets a very distinct tone

  19. phooey – looking at the title I was hoping we might have made the cut with Token Terrors Battlegrounds – wondering if you you all have taken it for a spin after doing the paid preview for SHUX online a while back – crossing our fingers you guys get a chance to try it – would love to hear your feedback =)

  20. Omg the humor is so good 😄😄😄

  21. I absolutely must know where Tom got that dope shirt… please tom!! 6:09

  22. Tom’s Twilight Inscription review was a 💎! Couldn’t stop laughing 😂

  23. love everything about this video! Tom & Quinns forever

  24. Forgotten how much I love this channel

  25. “A good flavor confused by its format.”

    Such a great quote 😂

  26. At 10:30 thru 11:00 my Siri home pod was activated and did a different thing each time. I’m not sure what Tom said, but it was apparently close enough to my voice.

  27. I want to give a shoutout to Oriflamme. A game with just 6 rounds with each player only playing a single card each round. It involves playing cards to a collective queue facedown, then simply choosing to leave it facedown or flip it up and use its power when it comes up in the queue. Cards left face up will activate every round henceforth, and cards left facedown will get VP tokens each round until they're flipped and the VP are acquired. The cards are all the same, but there's great bluffing and mind games in the anonymity of the face down cards. And there are only 10 different cards so it's easy to familiarize yourself with the possible outcomes.

  28. Actual lols and those are rare. Mmm yes, well done boardgame humans.

  29. Wait.. so hungry monkey is just a standard card game but with fancy colours?

  30. Great video! I go back and forth on card games that could be played with normal decks of cards, but are played with specially decorated decks that prevent them from being used for all the many different games you could play with a normal deck. The yokai game seems to avoid this by making each suit a little different, which speaks well of it. It's not my favorite theme, but it sounds fun. Thanks for recommending it!

  31. "Twilight Inscription… it's like gargling ketchup!"

  32. Ooh it's been a while since we had a lovely dark and spooky ending. Lovely.

  33. Thank you for all the info, the fun stopped for us though when you started cursing. What a shame, that’s so horrible. And think about what your saying, your really cursing yourself.

  34. Great video, the ending was hilarious lol

  35. The most annoying in that For the Queen is not only out of print, and not available anywhere I can tell. That includes Amazon and eBay. Plus the game company says it is not reprinting.
    Nothing like being psyched by an awesome Shut Up &Sit Down review, only to know that the best you'll ever see the game is for a few minutes here. XD

  36. That ending was very don't-hug-me-i'm-scared-esque and I love it

  37. By far my favorite videos that y'all make are the ones where you were clearly having fun making them

  38. Quinns and Tom make just about the funniest duo on here.

  39. "Did somebody say spots" transition was priceless 😂

  40. I like to believe Quinn is trapped in the edit, resisting editor Tom.

  41. Rewatching a lot of su&sd and this one, by far, radiates the most chaotic vibes. We’re these two locked in the house together for a few weeks filming this?

  42. I love how the funniest section of the video is the one without any jokes 😂

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