TF2 becomes a card game! [Feat Red Spy] -

TF2 becomes a card game! [Feat Red Spy]

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Meet the TF2 in another reality feat Red Spy!
Team Fortress 2 inscryption gameplay
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* This game has no tf2 background music, it was added by me in video editor for a better tf2 atmosphere. (hope it works for you!)
Game called “stasis”, an inscryption-like gameplay. At this moment it contains 2 episodes: Half-life and Team Fortress 2.


  1. Wait is this actually a playable mod?
    If you tell me this is just SFM I would still be impressed but is this playable?

  2. The engie's buff didn't go away after he was killed and the level 3 sentry at 11:50 forgot to shoot to his left and only shot the soldier, the sentry does this again the next round and in the final round he only shoots the empty tile directly in front of as if he didn't have the three way attachment.

  3. I would so play inscription with it looking like this

  4. I wanna see this be a mod in inscryption now lol

  5. i like how the second to last battle was more intense than the final one lol

  6. This is awesome, it would be cool if the players cards are coloured blue, I really hope it gets developed more

  7. The fact that Leshy is replaced with Spy is hilarious

  8. Imagine if TF2 was in development for 10 years and instead of a sequel to a first person class-based shooter they just released it as a card game.

    Oh wait they basically did that with Artifact.

  9. The fact that I recognize the background as the red spawn of Hightower shows how much I play that map.

  10. This would be such a good idea. The bosses could just be him with Merc masks doing impressions or if you want something different make them the Halloween Bosses like Merasmus or The Monoculous or maybe just MvM robot mercs instead since you’re using the mercs as cards.

  11. !!!!
    you Remember tf2?
    its back in card game

  12. litterally just inscryption but more starter cards

  13. The red spy card is in the base

  14. Tbh until I read the comments I thought this was an SFM animation lmfao

  15. This is really a game? This is awesome.

  16. Inscryption but tf2 hmm very interesting unique and COOL AF

  17. Poker night at the inventory 3 looks Amazing

  18. It is… The greatest mod of all times

  19. Pls share dis with me I need it I love tf2 best game but cant beat cheese

  20. I would actually get this game, if it had this mod folly working aswell!

  21. I hope this game gets updates.
    If the game had currency from excess damage, spy should disguise as Saxon Hale (trapper) to give you contracts (pelts) and Ms.Pauling (trader) for new cards.

  22. lad i can t found the game is it on steam?

    or do u got link?

  23. game card
    trailer: * epic shit*

    in the game:

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