The 18 Card Challenge 1-3: Our Top 20 Identical Card Games -

The 18 Card Challenge 1-3: Our Top 20 Identical Card Games

Button Shy
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The 18 Card Challenge (Identical Card Game) started out with 228 submissions and we’ve narrowed it down to a top 20. Here we take a look at all of the finalists and describe why each of them rose to the top.

Jason Tagmire (Button Shy Games)
Mike Mullins
Ben Begeal
Nat Levan
Jay Treat
and 20 amazing creations by you!

Video by Steve Oteri


  1. Late to this video, but can we still find the games or at least the presentation videos listed somewhere?

  2. Congrats to the finalists! Well done on all of your hard work 🙂

  3. Wow, some really great games in here! Congrats to those who made the top 8%

  4. Some great games. Gave me some things to think about too.

  5. congrats to all finalists, well done!

  6. Here are the game names (in order as presented in the video):

    1-2-3 Paddle!
    A Delicate Truth
    Desert Pack
    Drive Like Hell
    Exit Pursued By A Bear
    First Love
    Fox Meadow
    It Was This Big
    Lint & Fluff
    Octopus Escape Plan
    Smashmouth 1881
    Space Scuffle

  7. Nice 😀 Would it be possible for us to see the videos for these games? :]

  8. One of INTERCEPTOR creator here!
    Im SO happy 😀

  9. Interesting! Also, this video is very quiet.

  10. Wow. What a range. Several games there I'd love to play. Congrats to everyone on that list!

  11. where can i find these awesome pnp game to play test?

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