The 5 Best New Card Games -

The 5 Best New Card Games

Shut Up & Sit Down
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0:00 Oh, hello!
0:54 Mandala
5:49 Bruxelles 1897
10:09 Air, Land & Sea
16:05 Tournament at Camelot & Tournament at Avalon
21:58 The Crew
23:54 Other cool stuff we do


  1. That withdraw mechanic sounds like old gwent. In that game you only have 10 cards, play best of 3, and you don't get your cards back after playing them. You can pass early when you're ahead, forcing your opponent to choose between winning round 1, or having more cards for the remaining round(s).

  2. Air Land & Sea seems kinda like reverse poker. You don't wanna show how strong you are so your opponent keeps betting, but instead of betting, it's antibetting.

  3. The gag 15 minutes in absolutely killed me.

  4. bruxelles 1983 is fantastic game. great mechanics and crispy decisions

    no need to play card game

    AL&S is great on the other hand. reminds me of Battleline but there is room for both in my collection

  5. You boys need to seriously GET on the Flesh and Blood TCG train. If you've loved Netrunner, you'll get a lot of netrunner vibes despite the two games having almost nothing in common =)
    Releases officially November 1st in Europe

  6. When you google the "tournament of camelot" and open amazon, amazon says other viewers also viewed Mandala, Bruxels 1897 and Air land &sea. I just wanna say thanks for all you have done to improve to board games community but i think this video is little misleading, i forced my neighbour to give his card game and now im writing this in police station

  7. I’d like to add that Master of Wills by Stormcrest Games is a brilliant tug of war style card game with beautiful cyberpunk art. Incredibly easy to learn, and yet deeply challenging to master. I highly recommend checking it out.

  8. "some people apparently put it up during cleaning."
    ALMOST! But substitute cooking for cleaning 🙂

  9. 14:36 I did certainly NOT forget about Love Letter – one of my favorite games of all time!

    Just sayin'

  10. Quinns has much better luck than me when it comes to looking through discarded trash in a parking structure

  11. i want to get into a card game but not sure where to start. Keyforge looks cool but i am not sure if it is getting a lot play now a days. Does anyone know if Keyforge is worth it in 2020. Or have any other card games to start with?

  12. The Crew best game of 2019.. Really? Was 2019 that unintresting?? Great channel, greetings from Argentina.

  13. Some random stranger is talking to him, he starts walking toward him

  14. "Card games are cheaper…" Arkham Horror LCG says "sit down, we need to talk"

  15. The second time he looks for a cardgame gives me the vibes of a terrorists demands video

  16. 12 player game? Who has that many friends?

  17. I'm a simple man.

    I hear the Metal Gear Solid "Alerted" theme, I upvote.

  18. i love screwing myself over creatively 😀 Sounds like a good boardgame idea!

  19. His rule on putting cards on your side of the mountain is wrong. You don’t draw any cards.

  20. I love the script. What was the most takes it took you to do one or your scenes? Well done on coming across natural and remembering such a long script! I think I'm most tempted to buy Bruxells.

  21. Peak comedy, amazing video. Thanks for your hard work.

  22. The scene in the stairs actually had me fooled for a bit. Well acted.

  23. if I had two ducks, I would name the Quinns and Quinevere

  24. And if you have not heard of Art Nouveau, it's like normal art but curvy. 😂

  25. Am I the only one who noticed the Metal Gear Solid song while he found Air, land and Sea?

  26. 14:51 whould you happen to have a card game? Oh you do? hand them over becouse you wou;dn't want me to shank you eh?

  27. Could you imagine if this guy opened a game store. Woe to the people of that community, they'd be penniless.

    Every video I watch I start scratching my chin thinking "I could buy that"

  28. Firstly, 1. Your neighbours probably think you're absolutely mad
    2. The scene where you're menacing your poor neighbour on the stairs, had me in stitches

  29. Just bought Tourney at Avalon. Thanks for the awesome video, I hate that I saw it so late.

  30. I see that nod to Death Stranding with the Mandala box

  31. 4-2-2020: "Maybe don't go to Brussels for a few months"

    Poor, sweet naive Quinns…

  32. That is strangely funny that now I'm thinking about my sanity.
    You will find me playing Arkham Horror Alone, playing for 8 players.

  33. 14:55 the first time I watched this I actually thought someone walked in on Quinns filming. The secondhand embarrassment was real lol

  34. card game: has fragile tape
    quinns: beats out of the fucking sky with a squeegee

  35. When might you guys officially review The Crew? Very excited for that video

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