The 6th Yugioh Anime is HERE !!! Card Games on HoverBoards ?!?! -

The 6th Yugioh Anime is HERE !!! Card Games on HoverBoards ?!?!

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  1. Jdaden / judai has the most norma hair style and is by far my favorite protagonist.

  2. The hair styles are getting dumber and dumber,and whats the next special summoning? A+?

  3. I thought the 6th series is about he player from a videogame.

  4. I am going to give it a chance before I say anything because I am not one of those bandwagon type people.

  5. Yay, another useless wannabe show. The original Yugioh is the best. Why the fuck do they call it Yugioh. If Yugi isn't in it??. Why don't they call it duel monsters? The original is the best. Everything else is shit.

  6. "doesn't like to stand out". but that hair though

  7. The hover boards are a bit odd kinda remind me of 5D's but also make me think of trends

  8. It's time to D-D-D-Duel! again……..

    Hoverboards, what next riding on Dolphins

  9. I've been hoping for so long that we'd get a female protagonist. Guess the dream continues.

  10. whats gonna be the new 2500 ATK beatstick? im calling Warriors this time

  11. id like to see ritual summoning be more mainstream

  12. All YGO protagonists should have "Y" in their names, and don't forget the freaky

  13. Yusaku really remind of Yuesi and he was my favorite yugioh character so, if yusaku act anything like yuesi I'm REALLY gonna like the new series.

  14. Well, so much for a female protagonist. Oh well, I guess I'll have to settle on having a female main character that's actually competent. Anzu from the original Duel Monsters was terrible, Asuka from GX was massively overshadowed by Judai, Kotori from Zexal (pronounced zey-all) was worse than Anzu, leaving Aki and Sherry from 5D's to be the only good ones.

  15. My question is if there is gonna be a slight romance, in the last 2 or 3 seasons there r a hint of romance. In Yu-gi-oh zexal, at the end of the final episode the girl (I forget the names) confesses to the main protagonist

  16. kinda reminds me of shindo chrono from vanguard for he wasn't experienced and he really didn't stand out much right

  17. The protagonist kinda reminds me of Yusei. Keeping to himself and few friends. And ofcourse the turbo duels 2.0

  18. My bday is in April yes it going to be my present

  19. I'm so happy that the original Yu-Gi-Oh series isn't coming back, that would piss me off just like how they didn't bring Misty and Brock back to Pokemon: Sun and Moon.

  20. I bet this series is going to be darker than the rest of the spin offs.

  21. Hoverboard is not a problem, but an inspiration of YGO having freedom. If he is timid, I'm expecting stuff similar to Yugi. Being a badass! Just hope konami could just do something similar to the season 0 (very first ygo without cards)

  22. oh yes card games on hoverboards should be cool

  23. Well at least Yugioh isn't dead yet. I thought for sure that after Arc-V finishes that a lot of people who like Yugioh would fall out of it, as it was meant to be the last Yugioh series. That would mean there wouldn't be many new cards and no new card types to come out, so the TCG would get kind of boring and stuck in the very fast paced meta that it is today

  24. Pendulum summoning without a scale, synchro summoning without tuners, tribute summoning without tributes?

  25. I like the anime but the anime died after 5D's ended. I feel like Zexal and Arc V killed the Yugioh anime series. They still will never ever trump the original and GX!

  26. For THE LAST TIME IM DATING A HOVERBOARD!!!!! lmao if there will be a crossover yugioh in the future abridged stuffs

  27. I was thinking that Fujiki Yuusaku (Yusaku) is probably like Yuma or Yusei but to me it seems that this new visual reality style system are probably the evolution of Heartland and New Domino City where you can freely duel at anytime in anywhere you like unless you don't have a visual reality skateboard to duel with. I think it's similar to Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale because game and reality has already become one and you just need gadgets in Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale and you need visual reality skateboard in the new Yu Gi Oh Series. So I hope that this new development of the Konami is becoming more enjoyable to watch and more new features that other Yu Gi Oh Series doesn't have.

  28. Fuuuuck, stop including fucking vehicles with a childrens card game

  29. And the hairstyles, storylines and ideas keep getting sillier and sillier. Especially the hairstyles. By this point, Yugioh artists have become so inept at drawing faces that the only way to distinguish one character from another is either markings on the face or hairstyle…

  30. i was specting virtual reality hoverboard DICE monsters game


  31. hoping his deck is a ritual deck to complete the current sets

  32. are the character designers at konami on crack? every series they look a lil more stupid

  33. I don't speak much here,but,here's a real good example as for how you should tackle new stuff,instead of hate first glance.
    Far as concern,noticing or not,Kappa is already on the premise of new show starting in may,so,do yourself a favor and step forward and try.
    By the way,I really thought he'd use Paleozoic because of his hair color,end up just being the color of the frame of the card.

  34. DM: Card Games
    GX: Card Game School
    5Ds: Card Games on motorcycles
    Zexal: Card Games in space
    Arc-V: Card Games while doing parkour
    VRAINS: Card Games in VR hoverboards
    SEVENS: Card Games in retrospect
    RUSH GO: Card Games with aliens

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