The 6th Yugioh Anime is HERE !!! Card Games on HoverBoards ?!?! -

The 6th Yugioh Anime is HERE !!! Card Games on HoverBoards ?!?!

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  1. oh God what new summoning mechanic are we going to get now? i miss the old yugioh. the new cards are to fast for my ass.

  2. I was kind of hoping they'd circle back and make a series based on the original series. Picking up after the Dark Side of Dimensions movie

  3. Eh I don't know that there will be a female main character because the show is still probably geared toward boys. And speaking a a boy, or at least someone who used to be a young boy, I know I never liked watching stuff where a girl was the sole focus because it made it feel like a girl kind of thing.
    Stupid male psychology at it's finest right? But hey I'm 27 years of age now and that hasn't changed. I have nothing against women being the lead, it's just as a guy I gotta identify with the main character, which is hard to do if it's the opposite sex. I guess there's still the whole eye candy aspect but as this is a teenage, non real human we're talking about, that's not a factor that can be applied.

  4. I thought of something involving a red card monster too called Burst Summoning where you need a primer monster and during the damage step you can Burst Summon a Burst Monster from your extra deck by sending monsters on the field to the graveyard with a total atk or def equal to the Burst Monster.

  5. From Speed Speed/Motorcycle > Action Cards > hover boards? u gotta be kidding me.

  6. My initial reaction was "Wtf is wrong with his hair? it looks like a bike helmet with spikes…" Hoverboards really? I'll watch anyway

  7. i think the new cards gonna be like red or somthing in that style or like pendelum whit red insted of green. i love yugioh i i think that shuld be a cool thing in the card game! :3

  8. They are really rushing this, though I am kinda looking forward to it.

  9. yippee and aside from the 1st one their all garbage.

  10. Yet another season to add even more rules to the game…. Oi. Glad I don't play anymore. Still have decks from GX Era though. But weren't they supposed to continue Yugi's story? I thought he was going to come back grown up a bit.

  11. But… But… But… The motorcycles… And… The ground standing still….. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!

  12. a girl protagonist! yeah!
    if they want to keep the game simple, stop adding more new shit, like pendulums. although I thought pendulums were going to be complicated, they're actually easy to use. I also thought they would be hella cheap and chaotic, and although they are, they also make the game super fast, didn't think I'd like them.
    oh if they add something new, maybe just a type.

  13. OMG! why is this series not ending, i miss the very first yugioh, that shit was badass

  14. what has yugioh become I mean it's just like Dall of duty too futuristic

  15. Please be good. Or not. If it's bad, LittleKuriboh will make it good. In about 250 years. Yeah nvm, please be good.

  16. again a ridiculous hairstyle. Does a hairyspray manufacturs sponsor it?

  17. Haha at least LittleKuriboh will have some more jokes

  18. the hair gets weirder and weirder huh?

  19. It's not a joke?

    I'm pretty sure I have literally heard someone joke that the next series will have duels on hoverboards

  20. It's always "Yu" something. I'm willing to bet that if the writers ever plan on changing things up in season 7, and make the main protagonist a girl, they'll name her "Yui".

  21. This anime is destroyed after Yugioh 5D"s and Yusei…

  22. HOW DID I GET HERE. I was just watching basketball videos.

  23. Yusuke looks cool, but in my opinion, no charater will ever look cooler than Yusei or JACK ATLAS.

  24. How the hell does someone with that kind of hair "not stand out"?

  25. since the theme is trying it should push all the aspects or themes of the game instead of making something new. i would like to know what happens to yugi in the future.

  26. well that sux, just when i thought it couldnt get worse, yugioh should have staid at gx era

  27. the darklords would be nice to see in the show

  28. One thing I really hope they do for the next series is have no tournament arcs, or at the very least only one. While I love arc-V, it's biggest problem to me was that it had the first tournament arc then the friendship cup tournament right after it. There have to be more interesting and dynamic ways to tell a yugioh plot than that, especially with action duels and turbo duels

  29. its a farce at this point

  30. Why do the new protagonists always have shit hanging off their heads…

  31. Hσηєувєє тнє ƁƖσggєя ♡ says:

    We need another Yusei like another adult protagonist cause the series gets really dark and awesome

  32. A main character who doesn't care about dueling and actually learns the game from scratch? That could be interesting. So we won't have to deal with someone like Yuya who is beyond stupid and had a deck built around XYZ summoning without XYZ cards

  33. The show's degraded to such a level where you wouldn't be able to tell it's Yugioh anymore… at this point the only thing they could do to make a decent anime again is remake Yugi's story and expand on it without filler. And why the heck do characters look so feminine and flamboyant? Shameful….hopefully the anniversary movie with the real cast is good.

  34. Dual-colored crazy hair?
    Definitely a new series confirmed.

  35. he is dumb i want this stupid character i want yugioh zexal next seson yougioh zexal never end

  36. He better not have a fucking dragon for an ace monster…

  37. i don’t care about the show , i only care about the monster cards thats gonna be added on ps4 yugioh

  38. I don't even care about the dumbass hair and shit, not about the hoverboards, not about any of that, not even about the weird ways the series has gone. What I want from this new series is actual understandable depth and proper development. Also for the storyline to be actually comprehensible. Thank you.

  39. Jdaden / judai has the most norma hair style and is by far my favorite protagonist.

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