The BEST Card Based Switch Games - Nintendo Switch Card Mechanic Games -

The BEST Card Based Switch Games – Nintendo Switch Card Mechanic Games

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The best card-based Switch games feature deep and engaging mechanics, rich stories and elements of deck-building & roguelike battling.

Collect them all, battle it out or let the story unfold. It can all change with the flip of a card. Grab your deck and ready your turn. This is our list of the best Card-Based games on the Nintendo switch. The list is in no particular order but if you stick around until the end you can catch our top recommendations for games on the switch using card mechanics.

Let us know your favourites in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks for watching! In the video we asked are you more of a collector or a battler?! Let us know?Matt says: I think I'm more of a collector I get a real thrill out of collecting what I need to build a perfect strategy and let's talk about pack opening, instant good feels!

  2. I’m surprised this channel doesn’t have more subs

  3. I liked the card battles in Ooblets. Very simplistic, and the art on the cards is really appealing to me. The switch also has Cardfighters Clash from the NGPC!

  4. There is a Pirate rogue like card fighter about to release in a week on the eshop. I couldnt get the name because the eshop crashed on me, as I was browsing. It looked interesting.

    Edit: It's called Pirate Outlaws…

  5. Voice of the Cards was Awesome 😊 I need to play the other 2 games 🤩🤩

  6. wow, where is Shadowverse, where is Lightseekers? in my opinion you‘ve missed the two best card games on Switch, at least in my book😁

  7. need pokemon tcg on switch, but i know nintendo never make it happen.

  8. Where is Shadowverse: Champion's Battle as that game is awesome.

  9. Battle. Easy. I love to play, not so good at collecting…

  10. I prefer re7 banned footage dlc 21 game 🥹

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