The card game legend tries Marvel's new card game -

The card game legend tries Marvel’s new card game

Disguised Toast
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Edited by: Frosturne

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  1. 5:53 I don't think I've ever yelled at my monitor "just play enchantress!" before, so that's a first

  2. I’m already on 400 collection, I’m jus tryna get daredevil man

  3. 11:19 You could play scarlet witch in the middle and win the location

  4. For a game that seems to be short, there is a lot of strategy to it and I'm actually enjoying it.

  5. Im enjoying this game for the past week. Easy time killer, only took 5 minutes per game, but somehow I sometimes played it for 3 hours straight non stop and I feel like I only have played it like 10 games lol. too bad they dont have add friends or play with friends tho. they should add it in the future

  6. this among us legend plays a childrens card game

  7. HaHa! Toast is an absolute noob on this. Honestly. What the fuck was he doing in middle lane

  8. I could be wrong and having all of the cards in the game going straight into pool 3, but I'm pretty sure all toasts opponents were bots, every match below rank 30 or a bit after it were all bots. The third game where the guy plays his own synergistic deck so badly makes me still think so. Why would he play nova there if he's going to lock it down with professor X? It's more valuable to destroy it with the effect, why would he even play destroyer on the middle location when he's winning on the right and gets more value out of 16+3 from the immunity of Colossus? It's beyond stupid when you think about it as his opponent has a strong guy that's going to most likely gain attack in toasts discard deck, AND he gave him a green goblin eating up -3 of his attack and one of his 4 playable spots there. Really disapointing if this is actually the case imo, because I don't watch streams and Toast quit this kind of content so for the potential only video of Snap on his channel to be against all bots and him not even knowing is pretty awkward, especially if it's sponsored. That would be a big waste of a sponsorship if you ask me, but I could just be wrong and am rambling now lol

  9. Pretty sure the guy that cosmo'd himself was a bot.

  10. Now imagine a crossover event between hearthstone and marvel snap by Ben Brode

  11. man oh man i fking love scarlet witch i was able to turn so many fields where it gave an specific buff and just by changing the location they loose the game entirely

  12. I never knew they have pc version until now. This is so cool

  13. game is great, That card shang chi is bullshit, needs nerfed….

  14. So Marvel sponsors the game and it gets a good review. *SHOCK*.

  15. I'm switching from Hearthstone to this. Thanks Toast!

  16. Is there any chance that you have already tried Gwent?

  17. Enemy bots making brainless moves 😅
    He seems to have a much better understanding of the game than others that are promoting it, which I appreciate.

    Enjoyed watching him play this game 🙂

  18. I met someone using Morbius today and he morbed all over me.

  19. One of the best if not the best CCG! More Marvel Snap content, Toast 😁

  20. “Card game legend” hasn’t played a legitimate card game in how long?

  21. Played 5 years of heartstone, spent 2000$. Had more fun in snap for 0$ last 3 weeks. VERY nice game

  22. My favourite part was when Morbius was played and Morbed all over the place

  23. the first ever card game I ever played and I cant stop playing it, SO GOOD

  24. No more turn 7- that’s not how the quote goes…😂

  25. Dudes just extremelly lucky. He got a free america chavez and a fucking infinault for no cost.

  26. this game is so fun, i would enjoy you playing it again, but unfortunately i’m pretty sure that won’t happen D:

  27. Game 1 should've just played Enchantress mid to stop the Devil Dino

  28. Card game legend wtf? The only card game legend is DOG…And anyone that plays card games knows that!

  29. it doesnt seem like the opponents are real players?

  30. at some point when you always win… you just wanna try unfamiliar card, but then somehow you still win the games… ugh painful

  31. 5:45 why not just put enchantress in the middle?
    Enchantress gets rid of the Dinos ongoing, which pretty much guarantees middle.

  32. I wanna know the contents of the Thicc Deck

  33. Toast talking about his opponents like they making sneaky plays or hes about to outsmart them but he's just fighting bot after bot XD

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