The Cards Pokemon Never Wanted To Make! -

The Cards Pokemon Never Wanted To Make!

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  1. These fan cards are BRILLIANT! I wish these were real

  2. Those custom cards are sick you would be the coolest kid in elementary with them

  3. People that love pokerev and his videos

  4. Imagine a illustrator Pikachu and shadowless first edition Charizard💀💀💀 (Not gonna lie tho but those cards have to be made by the Pokémon company)

  5. I have ben watching you for 3years I am 10 ,l have ben colecting pokemon cards for 2years

  6. Those cards were so cool great short ❤

  7. I’m just guessing but I think it’s a mr mime card

  8. That is impressive. I really love Pokémon just like my brother.

  9. this is awesome keep up the good videos ❤

  10. I REALLY WISH pokemon would make something like this 😁

  11. Nice your gambling on Pokémon and wasting money

  12. If Pokémon made these, it would really up their game and give us collectors something special to chase, especially the lenticular cards, oh please Pokémon be like the del monte man and say yes.

  13. People’s creativity is amazing! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  14. How much does these cards worth approx?

  15. Those look cool as all get up 🏋🏻‍♂️

  16. Dude some of these are sick af like the rainbow version of the original charizard card , that would be sick and the Lugias, and the espeon version of the umbreon card

  17. All of those custom cards are freaking awesome.

  18. These error cards will destroy rev and Me 😮

  19. In 2024 you not posting everyday a video

  20. I would like to have one for my special collection 😊

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