The Coolest Card Game You Never Played!! 😳 #Shorts -

The Coolest Card Game You Never Played!! 😳 #Shorts

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  1. Bushiroad Discontinues Trading Card Game “Luck & Logic” – Bushiroad announced that production for the English Edition of the “Luck & Logic” trading card game, will cease after its final product, “Trance Re:union” is released on March 31, 2017. Dead Game. you're better off playing Digimon or Magic.

  2. Ah ultra weebs favorite card game.

  3. I used a Mana deck still have it sadly can't play it anymore

  4. I played it before. Glasses girl is the best.

  5. I would fund any developer if they pick up a buddyfight ip to help revive it. I never got the chance to play it but I was hurt when I was binge watching the anime that the whole thing would just get eradicated in my face.

  6. Stop playing games that have little anime girls that look 12. It's cringe and a pretty big red flag for reasons I'm sure you understand.

  7. I played it and bought boxes, shit died in <2 years

    Stores started selling old boxes like bt01 for $10sgd each

  8. Honestly this game sucked ass. It had potential but it never reached it.

  9. I have a bunch of the japanese print, never thought I'd see this game come up

  10. How tf is weiss schwarz still alive but buddyfight isnt?

  11. I'm surprised anyone really liked L&L I played it for a bit but never got into it along with anyone else I knew. Even several locals in my state just weren't fans. I enjoyed the anime and tried to use that to help me but no dice.

  12. Nice video I still have my collection of luck and logic cards it's a great game

  13. Looking on the design it's Cardfight Vanguard and looking on the objective to win it's Duel Masters where you also needed to destroy "shields" in order to win.

  14. I have a few of these awsome looking cards

  15. I've played it and I think I still have a few cards in storage

  16. This game wasnt that good. Fun but poorly designed.

  17. This was a great card game. It's a shame it didn't take off

  18. Buddyfight was amazing and was made by them too

  19. Was gonna try that but it died here in PH

  20. This game was so annoying to play because there was so many power gains to keep track of

  21. Nice a new card game called luck and logic and how is this buddy fight?

  22. I can't get my hands on any of those cards here

  23. What happened to Buddyfight the forgotten chinld😢 this was my first and only cards I got tasukus trial deck season1 Dragonic Force and I never get to buy a new cards

  24. Im so glad I stumbled upon your channel today. As a lover of card games its great to see a channel tallk about more obscure games. Has anyone here played akora?

  25. cries in Buddyfight and Shadowverse Evolve

  26. Jokes on you. I was the only one who played 😭 (in my area)

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