The Difference Between Collectible Card Games (CCG) and Living Card Games (LCG) (2 of 3) -

The Difference Between Collectible Card Games (CCG) and Living Card Games (LCG) (2 of 3)

Pair Of Dice Paradise
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What’s your experience with Living Card Games (LCGs)? Are you comfortable diving in to one? Or do their evolving card pools make them too much of a moving target?

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  1. Good info but why deliver it so idiotically?

  2. I sold my mtg collection to get into board games a year ago. Best decision ever! But I'm still looking for the right replacement for mtg in the form of a LCG or ECG. I was considering Doomtown Reloaded for a while, and also Mage Wars Arena. I think there is enough card pool in both of those game for a pleasant deck building experience, but my gut haven't let me pull the trigger on any of the games. Mage Wars games are far to long to be compared to a match of mtg, and Doomtown Reloaded is… Kind of weird. There is an upcoming game that have caught my eye, the most anticipated Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. Let's see how it goes.

  3. Never mind coming into the game too late, if you wait too long you also have no access to all the back dated expansion packs. Try coming into Call of Cthulhu LCG at the moment and you can forget having every card, as whole sections of the back catalog are unavaiable unless you spend the fortune you saved from not buying into CCGs ! D'oh!

  4. I love LCGs.  In fact, Android: Netrunner (which I have every single card, x3 *cough) is the game that single-handedly killed Magic for me.  I also have my Doomtown base set and two expansions, and almost all of Warhammer 40k Conquest.  I love the format and the fact, as you said, I don't need to shell out $50+ for a SINGLE card to make a decent deck has helped solidify it as my card game format of choice.

  5. Between the seemingly mandatory (I know I know, it just feels that way) purchase of expansions and "live it or leave it" play/community, I've shied away from all LCG's. Admittedly, when I think of an LCG I think of Netrunner. It's a pretty high profile game. Smaller games probably don't have as many expansions or as great communities.

    I prefer games with no or few expansions to games that are designed around having a ton of them. Likewise I dislike if the game "forces" me to join a community, something which I feel LCG's are more wont to do with their deck metas and whatnot.

    All that said, they often sound like good games. Just too much of a time and money investment for me to dive in.

  6. I'm wanting to get into a lcg at some point but I was thinking maybe a star wars themed set but I don't think I'd ever abandon or completely quit a tcg especially sense I just got into dice masters.

  7. LCG's are fast coming a favorite of mine. Netrunner, LOTR, and Doomtown are very fun. However I still do not like the approach of phasing out older sets, I firmly believe, If you buy the cards you should be able to use the cards. That's why I prefer still unlimited casual formats of CCGs, it's just more fun

  8. I also enjoy Deck Building Games like Legendary, and Dominion

  9. What is this part 2 of, I see no logical episode 1 or 3 from the suggested or even digging on the channel.

  10. Я начинаю понимать что они говорят, вероятно из-за игровой лексики))

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