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Asyrafchazz is Singaporean based creator, who is extremely addicted to all things GEEK-related. An avid fan of Magic the Gathering, One Piece and Pokemon, he aims to share some of his addictions on this humble slice of this platform. Asyrafchazz also streams on twitch, and loves doing box openings for all TCGs out there!


  1. For anyone watching this now, 3 key cards for the whitebeard deck got restricted (to 1 copy) or banned so the deck should be unplayable/much weaker until more good red cards come out. Expect a comeback with Op05 though I think because the leader itself is still strong

  2. I would like to see a Zoro deck breakdown with the latest OP-04s. pretty please for a new fan

  3. should we still play one piece if every format is going to be whitebeard or zoro lol?

  4. Hate that Film Doflamingo is the better deck, the on theme version of the deck is so unique compared to other decks in the game. Such a waste.

  5. Anyone know how many people were in this tournament?

  6. I'm surprised not to see any blurpledile representation yet, considering the baroque works package now has 2 searchers, life gain outside yellow, and some really efficient ramp and card draw. With any luck he gets picked up more now that he has so many toys to throw around

  7. I hope something is done about the whitebeard meta, it's just not fun to play against for me personally

  8. I’m excited for OP4 and OP3 is out this weekend in US 😅😅😅

  9. I was thinking about this recently, how to efficiently fix red. I think radical beam/guard point need to go. You can’t have the best offense and defense in color. Red is supposed to be the aggressive color. So just allow it to be the best aggressive deck and if you can withstand their aggression the temp should be back in your favor. Red might still be the best deck/color even after this change, but I think it helps give agency back to the other decks. Just my 2 cents.

  10. I am really looking forward to when the issho decklist will be discovered. I feel like there is a lot of potential with that deck!

  11. red has too much consistency, i think maybe instead of nerfing red we could just add more consistency in other decks by adding better searchers in the other colors.

  12. WB character card needs to be nerfed. They need to remove the effect that prohibits them from taking life dmg at the end of their turn

  13. Good to see a tier 1 deck that isn’t red and glad Rebecca is really good

  14. At this point i really just think they should ban the wb leader. Its just too strong of a deck. It became a problem in Op-03, its now an even bigger problem in op-04. Just bam the leader so that otger decks can finnally come out

  15. A break down of decks that are winning/topping tournaments would be awesome. The most represented decks don't necessarily mean they're the best decks.

  16. Katakuri will always be popular to me 😂😂 opened my 3 boxes of op3 last night and got some sweet pulls to get a good start on the playsets

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