The Fastest Pokémon Trade Up Challenge on the Internet! -

The Fastest Pokémon Trade Up Challenge on the Internet!

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This is worlds fastest trade up challenge from an energy card all the way to a rainbow Charizard GX!

*UPDATE* THIS Is NOW the most viral Trade UP Challenge with Pokémon Cards on the internet!! At 20 million views across Tiktok, IG, Facebook, and now let’s see what it can do on YouTube Shorts!

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  1. he doesnt know i know this trick but i have a glock 19 right here.

  2. Yo mind if I film some fake ass shit with you and these cards?

  3. No way he traded A energy for a 500 Hundred dollar card

  4. No one will know why my comment has so many likes

  5. Bro one of the guys he traded with is the guy in the store I go to💀

  6. eyyo that 3rd traded golden pokemon card is so looking legendary but why is he still trading it again?!? that's fucking epic

  7. Bro was hesitating on the first trade for a energy card for a booster like tf

  8. I tried doing this at a card convention and only 2 out of the 10+ vendors I went too were willing to trade. Went from a base set pikachu to a greedent v from Shinning fates to be escorted out of the convention center for “soliciting”

  9. where do you go to trade like this? can someone tell me what its called or something?

  10. Where these places at I need to check one out

  11. He knew them by name….. Scripted as hell. Ain't no one tossing a $3 pack for a basic electric energy

  12. how fast they know the look of every card is emazing…

  13. The Japanese lost origin pack trade up to the cgc pristine 10 pickachu promo is honestly a slap to all our faces if youd think we believe in this garbage

  14. I have that golden Charizard the gold and ranbow

  15. Aint no way homie just traded garbage for a psa 10

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