The Highest-Scoring Move in Scrabble -

The Highest-Scoring Move in Scrabble

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  1. Now someone run a monte carlo simulation and calculate the probability of that situation coming up 😄

  2. I wish my dad was alive to see this.
    An absolute assassin in scrabble.
    An epic board game. What are the odds?
    I imagine it's odds on to win the lottery rather than this play.

    Love ya👍😎

  3. Looks like someone had too much time on their hands


  5. Asked AI and it said 1782.

  6. ive been called dirty minded in 33451286 different languages

  7. Well this would be insane, if it wasn’t impossible, this board not including your rack has… 1, 2, 3, 4, ….. 70? I remember counting 93 making it impossible for your turn to be happening in the first place?

  8. This is out of date, there is now a play that scores 1786 (See 'New theoretical highest play discovered!' on the Woogles blog), which still uses OXYPHENBUTAZONE, but also turns PACIFICATIONS to OPACIFICATIONS, ED to XED, REQUALIFYING to PREQUALIFYING, ARROWING to NARROWING, LADDERLIKE to BLADDERLIKE, OOGAMETE to ZOOGAMETE. and STABLISHMENTS to ESTABLISHMENTS.

  9. I understand why it is highly unlikely. Who dafuq uses or says jaculating??

  10. If xis refers to more than one, doesn't that require an apostrophe making it invalid??

  11. “… Is unknown.”

    *Nonchalant Jazz music starts playing*
    🎹 🎷 🥁🎼

  12. One time I got like 140 for quartz (q on the double letter + triple word + adding to other words) and I thought that was the highest high man could feel

  13. This move would never happen if you were playing old Harold Delaney.

  14. imagine winning the game with 1700 points more than any other player.

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