The History of Trading Card Games, the TCG Timeline - TCG History -

The History of Trading Card Games, the TCG Timeline – TCG History

TCG History
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TCG Time Capsule, the show where we take a look at the trading card games that failed and were destined for the bargain bins. Episode 3: the TCG Timeline. Rather than cover an individual cancelled card game as we usually do here on TCG Time capsule we are going to take a look at the history of all Trading card games and the entire TCG industry by splitting them into different eras. We cover the birth and history of Magic the gathering, the many many low quality games of the mid 2000s and the rise of card games like Yugioh! and Cardfight!! Vanguard!

We take a look at the history of all trading card games. We begin with the creation of Magic: the gathering in 1993 and from there divide the next 27 years into different TCG era, we talk about the many obscure trading card games released in the anime card game flood of the 2000s, The rise of digital card games, the boom and revival of card games beginning in 1999 from the release with the release of the Pokémon card game and later the release of the Yugioh! Trading card game!

This video was put together by a team or editors, researchers, writers, and one host all dedicated to preserving the history of collectible card games on the show TCG Time Capsule!

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  1. From the future looking at the past. At my closest LGS:Surviviors of the Pandemic Age:MtG, YGO, Weiss/Schwarz (dunno how i managed to keep my community together), PokemonGames lost in the Pandamic Age: FoW, Dragon Ball, Final Fantasy, DigimonNewcomer Games (From Mid 2022 til Late August 2023): One Piece, Lorcana, Grand Archive, Flesh&Blood

  2. The future is Flesh and Blood. In James White we trust 🙏

  3. What early 2000s kid doesn’t have a story about their teacher confiscateing they’re Yu-Gi-Oh cards

  4. Decipher launched Star Trek The Next Generation Customizable Card Game in 1994. It went on to release 13 full expansions (plus various special sets and decks), over the next 8 years, outliving most other TCGs.The Star Wars CCG was a result of Decipher's success with Trek, launching Star Wars in 1995 and running until 2001 (while the Trek game was still being produced). Both of these Decipher games were massive, with Star Wars rivaling, and sometimes overtaking, MTG in sales. This "history" seems to brush over the Trek game entirely, while only giving Star Wars a passing nod. They were, in fact, massively popular and fundamentally altered the [then] CCG landscape.

  5. Great Job!! You did this extremely well.

  6. U legit miss dual master n the og Naruto tcg

  7. Well done! Very informative and entertaining!

  8. Oh man, I thought I would remember all these games, but I forgot about VS System, even though I played it a ton. Great video!

  9. The problem with most of the anime based card games besides yugioh and Pokemon was how lazy they were instead of using original art work they just take clips from the shows and almost all of them plays the same with very little variation and most of them where promoted in comic and anime conventions

  10. Nearly 40 year history? You just added a decade for shits and giggles? Why not say 50 year history? Fuck it

  11. The widespread acceptance of teachers and other adults just straight up stealing from children has never ceased to amaze me.

  12. Fun fact:'Duel Monsters' originally named 'Wizards and Magic' was intended just to stand in for Magic: The Gathering (published by 'Wizards of the Coast'), without infringing copyright.I recommend everyone to learn and play Magic: The Gathering. It's much easier to understand and much slower-paced than Yu-Gi-Oh! and extremely fun, so learning it would give a new insight into the YGO game itself.

  13. Thank you so much for the recap. I'm building my own TCG and it's pure gold to know the real history.

  14. This channel needs more recognition! Great videos

  15. I wish I could remember the name of the tcg my 4th grade teacher taught me just because I'm curious to see what happen to it. It was a space theme tcg had colored decks, green was an alien deck and I think blue was a space marine deck

  16. You gota move your que cards or monitor your reading from so you can stop looking of to the right.Other than that, awesome vid and thank you 👍

  17. Wotc was building that Monopoly like they owned all the properties on an entire side of a Monopoly board

  18. What do you think will be the key events/trends of the current era?

  19. This video took SO MUCH TIME! We are glad it's out as an important resource!

  20. I liked the video a lot good job.
    P.s. yugioh is my favorite tcg!!!

  21. A decade is 10 years. MtG came out in 93, which was "only" 27 years ago, less than 3 decades ago, not "almost 4 decades"

  22. didn't tale note of the view count till very near then end of the video. Really great and informative, thank you.

  23. Just for the innovations it has tried to bring to card games, surprised you did not list Keyforge for 2018. Also Flesh and Blood and Metazoo would get a mention. Future of all three are of course uncertain, but each is attempting something different in approach to card games.

  24. 13:55 the old Magic the Gathering pre 7th Edition Card style was so awesome.

  25. talking about the history of card games without Dueling Network and ygopro is invalid, fanmade tcg simulators is the only reason i like card games

  26. Love this channel. Best of luck. CANT wait to see more fun videos!

  27. Wonder what the big 3 would’ve been before Pokemon. Maybe not all of the 3 are super popular like yugioh and pokemon but like the 3 most popular during 1996.

  28. Feedback: title is misleading, even if you say at the start that you will be focusing on the USA market. no mention of the wow tcg when you later mention heathstone? props for even talking about digital tcgs, something very rare when covering such topics. forgot shadowverse though and on the last chaper the release of legends of runeterra, a game that in my opinion marks the next big phase of card games.

  29. You missed Flesh and Blood. Other than that, awesome video!

  30. Hi, im new to ur channel & just subsrcibed.thank you for making videos on forgotten card games.can't wait for ur future videos 🙂

  31. This is an incredible video. The only thing that throws me off is that the narrator doesn’t look at the camera. It is distracting.

  32. The oldest training card game of all time is Koi Koi.

  33. I remember buying Zatch Bell trading cards. It was pretty popular on Cartoon Network at the time. I never understood the rules or played the game but it was an anime I really liked at the time and some stores were selling booster packs of them $1 a piece and I was like "heck yeah!" If I found some today I would still get them because it was an anime in my childhood I loved to death.

  34. regards from south america. Great chanel better guy XD

  35. no guardians, harry potter, duel masters…?

  36. Great video ! There is a Babylon 5 vibe with your setting

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