The Life and Death of the FIRST Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game -

The Life and Death of the FIRST Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game

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Maybe you’ve heard of Yu-Gi-Oh’s “Season 0” anime. But did you know that Yu-Gi-Oh! also had a “Season 0” card game? Today, we take a look at the (very) short history of Bandai’s Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game.

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  1. It's been decades since I've seen those cards !

  2. Jwittz! Who is that keyforge archon! I need to see its list!

  3. Rest in peace are lord and creator of Yu-Gi-Oh

  4. I’m confused on the cyber shield portion. Were there no female cards? I know later on it was used for the harpies, but it totally explains how to use it.

  5. Ah the first where pharaoh straight up murdered people. Lol

  6. Summoned Skull actually was supposed to be pink. Even Kazuki's redesign was pink.

  7. It reminds me of how my friends and I use to play Pokemon TCG as kids. Because we also didn't know the rules…

  8. Personally i like the mechanic…
    "Beatstick duel" no time for waiting, unlike modern mechanic to wait 15 munites in one turn, only to stop your opponent to playing the game.

  9. i cant stop laughing at the cardass🤣🤣

  10. Was the card you yeeted in the beginning "Ego Boost"?

  11. 10:33 Speaking of Red-Eyes Black Dragon they released a new alternate art that's based on the original Bandai version of it.

  12. Modern Yugioh is awful garbage. 😖 it needs a new format where there is a limit on special summoning

  13. Oh this is really interesting! I JUST got into playing Yu-Gi-Oh via Duel Links, after getting hooked on the awesome monster designs. I started my TCG journey as a Pokémon player, so this game is completely new and strange to me (the balance between monsters and traps/spells is one of the things that trips me up the most, the balance of monsters to assisting cards is almost opposite between the games). It's even crazier to hear how messy Yu-Gi-Oh's early development was, it sounds like a miracle that this game ever got developed at all. Insane stuff!

    Oh and season 0/manga Yugi looks like a terrifying little dude. Even modern Yugi is a little scary sometimes (maybe in part just me having not watched much of the series yet, idk maybe he's just a supernatural, cooler version of Ash) but the old Yugi looks like he's ready to send a guy to the shadow realm.

  14. People don't even remember this one just me 🙁

  15. Higher Pitched Patrick Bateman explains the oldest YGO cards

  16. I'm looking for the bandai blue eyes I been looking for it since 2020

  17. Wellfor the first statement as a yugioh player i did agree about YGO been the worst card game out there even if you refer to the current one like nowadays YGO compared to other card games feels exessively complicated, card effect are overly long due to lack of key words and overall summoning mechanics and effect that grow through the decades have gone way overtop compared to old cards or feels incredibly OP(which is good as evolving should make the game feel better and anew but if you compared to any other game well lmao just have to see how a "draw 2 cards" effect that in other games is good in YGO is incredible OP cause just 1 card advantages gives the deck enough consistency to break through almost any board), besides the gameplay aspect in my opinion i favor cardgames in which monster,minion,etc are unable to attack the first turn they are summon however even if this will be incredibly good for YGO it will be bad as well since 1st turn being overpowered since most decks are able to put negates,floodgates that simply don't let you oponent plays after basically instead of trading,mind game or baiting the oponent through the duel YGO is basically 1st turn put OP negates,floodgates that don't let rhe adversarie play and 2nd turn just either breaks the board and sets his own/ maybe OTK by combo and whoever accomplised his goal wins in the 1st 3 turns or less the ONLY real skillfull aspect in my opinion of YGO is the side deck but in BO1 enviroment YGO feels way to unfair

  18. Thank you for actually knowing what the original manga is this is the first channel I've seen actually talk about it lol

  19. Hope to see you make a vídeo about ygo breed and battle

  20. i am here still waiting for your impressions of Cardfight Vanguard, the one tcg I actually liked and highly recommend.

  21. Why so many shots out of focus i feel like my eyes are gaslighting me

  22. Literally as you were talking about the split up rules, I immediately got a yugioh game ad with a guy that said, "Play by rules you've never played with before!" 🎭

  23. Even up to Yu-Gi-Oh! Eternal Duelist Soul on the GBA, the cards still had the card format of the Bandai cards, with the text on the left and the Attack and Defense on the right.

  24. I loved Season 0 – honestly wish it got extended into its own universe. BUT The game was so crazy it was clearly just made up on a whim, even worse than the mainstream series.

  25. So the first actual decent yugioh card game for the game boy came out the year i was born wicked cool 😂😎

  26. I only do NOT recognize ONE of those card backs.

  27. A long time ago, I actually got my hands on one of those original Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards from a friend. It was torn in half at first, but my friend actually managed to sew it back together…..and then 2 months later, my younger brother ripped it in half again. He definitely deserved the black eye afterwards.

  28. I'm convinced it never died, it "evolved". But in my opinion Forbidden Memories is the funnest way to play. Been playing it for over 20 years and I never get sick of it.

  29. I have a Exodia FTK deck that runs the blue eyes turbo engine and I use full Bandai cards in the deck. It’s a causal deck and I let whoever I’m dueling of the cards.

  30. This was a good watch 😂

  31. Red eyes released on my 3rd birthday. I now feel even more unnecessarily connected to this game.

  32. This video is badass, The Jwitzz is THE GUY I want telling me about the history of the Yu-Gi-Oh card game. May the creator rest in peace he was a legend who died saving lives

  33. I should have figured that konami would have had a hand in this

  34. Well that explains why Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories doesn't go by the normal rules. I've always wondered. I've never been able to win even the first match because the computer has higher monsters than you start with

  35. JWittz is such a nostalgia trip for me. After watching TheActMan and then Critical critic Yu-Gi-Oh, and now seeing that JWittz did a deep dive into the original series is so satisficing and heartwarming to see.

  36. 6:336:35

    I want point something out. The actual rule is: "Select 1 Monster Card from your hand and play it to start a Battle." This implies you HAVE to summon a monster. In fact in the manga, Kaiba automatically lost to Pegasus due to being unable to summon any monsters. So in order to prevent this from happening, you need to have less than 5 non-monster cards.

  37. As bizarre as it is, printing the rules individually on each card is kinda the only way they COULD publish them. Imagine how costly it would be to dispense a little booklet with each card, and how annoying for the customer to get a ton of those that they would probably just throw out. So if anyone is actually planning to "play" the game and not just collect one or two of them, if you've got enough cards for two people to play you've probably also got all the rules. It's clunky, but (kind of) functional. In the modern day they would definitely just have a QR code you would scan that would bring you to a webpage of all the rules, lmao

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