The Life and Death of the FIRST Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game -

The Life and Death of the FIRST Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game

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Maybe you’ve heard of Yu-Gi-Oh’s “Season 0” anime. But did you know that Yu-Gi-Oh! also had a “Season 0” card game? Today, we take a look at the (very) short history of Bandai’s Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game.

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  1. Loved your video and actually learned a few new things I've had no idea about. Thank you!

  2. Hey JWittz! Think youll ever do a video about the Battle Spirits TCG?

  3. I remember reading the first manga when I was in first grade the whole gambling aspect was so cool

  4. Nowadays,these cards sell for a lot on ebay,despite being part of a terrible game. Aside from yugioh, I also played other card games such as bionicle & megaman NT warrior

  5. I would love to own some of those carddass cards to proxy on my casual decks

  6. Yugioh has constantly ruined my mood. I like Naturia and Herald of Perfection, 2 separate decks and somehow duel links refuses to provide the cards to make those decks again.

  7. I find the first Cards ( Magic cards ) look better ( the Artworks of the Monsters)

  8. the bandai tugioh rules be like: if u get big numbie u win

  9. I feel like he's a fusion of Kermit the frog & Tracy Sketchit

  10. does anyone have or can get a link to download the original series

  11. You should do a video on the card game duel masters. I played it all the time as a kid, still got all my cards.

  12. Owh, so that's why they are called the "Carddassians"

  13. I do sometimes miss how Yu-Gi-Oh had a bunch of different video game types under its brand. Whilst I was a fan of the card game, seeing the Yu-gi-Oh cast and its familiar monsters in a wide variety of games was pretty cool at the time.

    Some of the earlier games had some issues that could be improved, such as that the AI from dungeon dice monsters needing some improvements to allow for more interesting games, capsule monsters not scaling the enemy levels to keep it challenging, Reshef implicitly implying you should grind deck capacity when you really shouldn't, or some cards are busted compared to others and you need RNG to get them (e.g. Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories). From the less official card game adaptations, I actually liked the random monster fusions you need to just know by head and that elemental weakness mean you insta win regardless of power levels. (Special mention for duelist of the roses, I didn't have an obvious flaw to mention, but it was a nice twist on the regular formula)

    Regardless, whilst I also had a ton of hours in the games that recreated the actual card game's rules, at some point I stopped getting excited about Yu-Gi-Oh games as it was essentially just the same game as the previous one, except with a bigger card pool and updated ban list.

  14. They would never dream about writing rules on cards today, thats definitely a glaring design flaw…

  15. May the creator Kazuki Takahashi rest in Peace. A big part of our childhood shall live on in the heart of the cards and legacy he left behind!

  16. Dark Duel Stories is what got me into YuGiOh, then I completely lost interest when Yugi was gone and the spinoffs started… like GX and 5D whatever garbage -.-

  17. The capsule chess game was my favorite thing from the manga.

  18. Yugioh is so complicated that I just play with my own rules

  19. It’s weird a lot of fakes used to have the same back as these old cards

  20. I really thought we were gonna fight when you said Yugioh was bad.

  21. real yugioh has no rule tht just there

  22. Season zero was actually pretty freaking ruthless with all the ways that it showed people being sent into self-induced mental hallucinations and Madness. That quite frankly was terrifying imagine basically having a mental illness being forced on to you all because you cheated in a simple game of chance. Honestly that kind of concept of the Shadow Realm is far more terrifying than just dying because you're not dead you're still alive but you're suffering forever and ever and ever

  23. So the “war” aspect of this game actually sounds kind of interesting, because it’s not Attack Points vs Attack Points. It’s Attack Points vs. Defense Points, at all times. So hypothetical example here: My opponent has a Vorse Raider with 1900 ATK and 1200 DEF, and I have a Giant Soldier of Stone with 1300 ATK and 2000 DEF. Who wins? That’s right, Soldier, because his attack is higher than Raider’s defense AND Raider’s attack isn’t high enough to beat 2000 DEF.

    EDIT: Also, years later Takahashi would redraw “purple Summoned Skull” as part of a series of signed promo releases.

  24. "Most ygo fans never heard of this"

    That was a lie.

  25. Hey Jwittz! If you’re looking for any suggestions, how about Duel Masters? It was basically a Magic the Gathering spinoff that seems mostly inspired by Yugioh to me. I’ve played it with some die hard fans recently and it’s actually pretty fun. Although it died in the West, it is apparently still ongoing in Japan, and quite popular and influential on trading card game design!

  26. I've heard and seen a little bit about this, but was always confused, it's cool to finally get an explanation

    Also I love the backs of the original cards, I wish we get sleeves like them or something!

  27. No Cardfight Vanguard!!??! I'm big mad

  28. You had me in the intro lol I was like wait a minute I liked Yu-Gi-Oh, but then you taught me something.

  29. both yu-gi-ohs sooo bad theres so many banned yugioh cards and thus their value drop like crazy for the good ones

  30. Anyone know the song in the background? It's really cool

  31. the Bandai cards are cool as Token cards though
    And Season 0 is pretty good as long as you don't expect it to be like the rest of YuGiOh

  32. JWittz, can we get a video of like why you disappear and come back? What youre up to life wise; etc ?

  33. Kazuki Takahashi died? I never even heard about it. RIP to the man who created one of the biggest parts of my childhood.

  34. The original Yugioh is actually very fun. u just can’t be a hater or u won’t enjoy it.

  35. Wow, this video is amazing and I learned something new.. Kazuki Takahashi was a legend and Yu-Gi-Oh has had a huge impact on me growing up and something I still hold dead to me to this day. His art style inspired me to get better at art, his stories resonated with me, and nowhere can I find a better cast of characters. Yugioh is amazing because Kazuki Takahashi made it amazing. Rest in power, the real life King of Games.

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