The perfect Uno hand! 🤯 -

The perfect Uno hand! 🤯

Justin Flom
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  1. Wait but he reverswd it two times dso that would make it her turn

  2. I can't 2+ and 4+ and wild color ?? bad tastes 🤬

  3. She could have just called out uno before he did to make him draw

  4. This dumb af dude dont know the rules of uno

  5. Rules of UNO you can not use a whild card only if you dont have that color! If another player challenges the player that drop the wild card! Now that wild card player has to show all player there hand!

  6. Blonde girl talking about …. how something is SCIENTIFICLY impossible…. SCIENTIFICLY you don't have a house anymore 😂

  7. Aight now gimme the Deed and keys to your house!

  8. dude broke so many rules, after you drop a wild, its not your turn, and +2s dont stack. these are the same kind of people who play poker and leave in the Joker cards SMH this is just nonsense

  9. Wait how he gone take her turn with the wild you didn’t know if she had the color to win lol or am I confused on how the rules are lol

  10. He didnt knock he lost

  11. You didn’t win when you put a wild down it goes to the other person

  12. U can’t finish with a special don’t u know!

  13. Sorry doesn't seem right and I've got to trust my instincts

  14. Bros a savage he left no mercy absolutely no mercy she was so confident but dang

  15. All she need to do was reveal a reverse card at the end and she will win instead

  16. Yeah wilds mean skip your turn 😂😂😂😂

  17. She won the game. He made reversed back to him played a wild card. Chose the color yellow which she has a yellow 7 sp after his second card she won the game.

  18. I had something like this before but our parents said it was time to eat and told us to end it so we couldn’t play.😅

  19. Bruh you dont play again in the wild but i like your effort

  20. Reverse does not work that way. It reverses the order, then you end your turn, then its the next persons turn. So instead of passing to the person on your left it passes to the person on your right, that's not yourself you dork.
    Yall all play this game so wrong

  21. This is totally not fake. Not at all. Whatsoever. They totally aren't just acting poorly. Nope.

  22. Can’t drop a wild on the last card. It’s in the rules.

    Read em and weep

  23. assuming that isn't a relative, he should have said:
    "ok, one of us is getting it in the ass tonight, and the winner decides who"

  24. if you put +4 card. she have to take 4 card. it is not your turn bro

  25. This is the kind of luck I need… but since I don’t have good luck I guess I’ll keep losing lol

  26. Mate unless you had a bunch of pick up 2 or 4s or chained a bunch of skips/reverses you broke rules

  27. Always hated when people would use the reverse card in a 1v1 as a skip.

  28. That's not how the game works. You're playing it wrong

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