The Pokemon Card Workshop Delivers First Pack Magic Again! -

The Pokemon Card Workshop Delivers First Pack Magic Again!

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  1. I like how the clip starts with the pack already open. 😂😂😂 I wonder 🤔

  2. Wait. It was already torn at the top though. I stopped it and it was torn. I hope im wrong but was this resealed? Im a big fan of him but i call people when I see it and I hope im wrong.

  3. I pulled this card out the charzard upc and graded it . Came back a 10. Love it!

  4. Hit the gangar afar within 3 packs of fusion strike…. I'll see it to you ungraded for 600, being that I know it's a minimum 9, maybe even a 10 psa

  5. They didnt like the reseal glue you used i think 😂

  6. You’re too old for that 12 year old hair cut bruh, get a buzzcut that’d look good

  7. Looking moist Ry, got that Shawn set-up for the lighting! 😂❤

  8. I barely got to fill my cup up when i first watched

  9. did he just flex his jawline at the end?

  10. What were you trying to say in the beginning😂

  11. Dude setting these up went from no pulls to first packs

  12. I just pulled the espeon vmax outta the 2 pack fusion strike blister

  13. I like how he calls his Basement, which is not a basement a workshop. It's not a work shop or even come close to the definition of workshop. Piss off Ryan you w a n k e r 😂

  14. I have never gotten a hit from fusion strike i call the set toxtricity plus lol

  15. You need to open a 1st edition base set now with all this luck!

  16. Resealed… No way that pack opened that easy, he barely pulled on it

  17. Ryan, I wish you were still in your mom’s basement. That basement suit you well!

  18. Maybe your opening older print runs with better pull rates? EEEEEETHER way keep the hits comming!!!!!

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