The Problem With Card Game Anime -

The Problem With Card Game Anime

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Anime about Trading Card Games like yugioh are never really about Trading Card Games, and that sucks, because I like Card Games. Oh no. the phrase “card games” has lost all meaning.
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  1. It is a good idea to do like is said in the video but sadly will probably never happen for a long time in a Long running show because Money and Business reasons.

  2. MB: Sideboarding is crucial

    Magic Arena: I’m bout to end this man’s whole career

  3. Heck, I'd argue that this is why My Hero Academia is so popular. It's basically a show all about training and seeing that training pay off.

  4. the three gods ATO Evangelion and Japan says:

    I do as a big ygo fan and redeyes dark dragoon deck so I can I it out on yarn 1 and duck up my friends for the fun of it

  5. Yugioh, an odd eyes/dimensional dragons deck, meaning dark rebellion xyz, clear wing synchro, and starving venom fusion dragon.

  6. I remember when bakugan was still new, whoever won 2 out of 3 gate cards won. When my brother let me have some of his bakugan and cards, I ended up with a Haos-element bakugan and a gate card called “Haos 2,” which stated that whoever played a haos bakugan would win that gate card automatically. I don’t remember if he had a counter-strategy for that or not, but I remember he stopped playing with me because I would use that strategy every game (granted, I only had 3 gate cards, and you need three of them to play, so it wasn’t like I could swap it out with a different one), and haven’t played the game since. (I got SUPER into the anime, though)

  7. I wonder could you get a balance maybe the series villains are corrupt players and the main character has to study how they play and work

  8. So basically, someone needs to write a story about TCGs with the same mindset as people do for sports anime like Baby Steps?

  9. Ngl I didn’t enjoy Cardfight at all I thought almost everything about the game was boring and kinda bland.

    In terms what I play I want to get back into yugioh but there’s one card shop like 40 minutes from where I live and nobody there plays yugioh past pendulums. Kinda sucks.

  10. Slice of life TCG anime is a very great idea. They could even show strange mechanics and rulings that people have trouble understanding by explaining it to the confused protagonist(s). How many people do you know who know how banding works in MTG?

  11. Actually:
    1) counter-play was very active during battle city (see yugi vs kaiba)
    2) deck building and making the deck with compatible cards was touched upon when yugi was dueling the dancer guy and also during the battle city tournaments
    3) your critique is only applicable to first episode (not even first season) yugioh when the card game was basically just a new born baby

  12. Damnit, I never comment on YouTube videos, but I wanted to come back after stumbling on this and I realized that Queen's Gambit also kind of proves that this can work. Sure, it's ostensibly about chess, but we actually don't spend a ton of time on the chess matches themselves. So much more time is spent on the preparation for games and the interpersonal dynamics, and how the game affects the players' lives.

  13. Bro tell me why the picture of the title is weird

  14. This is spot-on. When playing MTG and YuGiOh, I really appreciate the internal strategic struggles that go on that make each battle such a fun, tense mind-game. Over-the-top stakes take me straight out of enjoying the show.

  15. alot of anime these days are tackling subject matter revolving around lonelyness, depression, growing up and past issues that kept you stuck in place. When i first went to college, alot of this aplied to me. i over loaded myself in the first semester and was not in a good place. then someone i met at the cafeteria mentioned thier club. the anime club. and yes there was anime comics and many other things but we alll played magic the gathering. that game, that group of people, really helped me in alot of ways. A show showing something like that would be great.

  16. This whole idea about making these anime more like the real card game is missing some massive points here. First of all, what's fun about TCG would be the most boring shit in medium that's stelling a story. The excitment of opening boosters and building decks doesn't translate to watching some anime character do it.
    Same goes for the thing about wanting to play specific cards only. Seeing more than one duel and you are done with the show. It's about building tension and if you alreary know the game is over in 3-5 rounds because the main character already has theit winning move is boring.

    And another point you completely missed: 90% the irl cards are released after the manga/anime. The stories in those is written to be exciting to watch. Irl rules and strats are only coming out much later.

  17. The reason most card game anime focus on luck is because that is what it ultimately always comes down to.
    the luck of drawing the right cards when u need them, u can build the best deck in the world and still be beaten by a noob that just started playing the game if they just draw the right cards b4 u do, ie they get lucky and draw all 5 pieces of exodia in a deck like yugi had in the 1st episode of the show (i mean a deck like that could potentially win on turn 1).
    it is all about luck and thats why they have characters like Joey thats whole gimmick was set around gambling on how lucky he can be.

  18. Personally I think the real world card games should be more like the anime, but obviously that ain't going to happen any time soon since technology just isn't upt to par with fancy anime logic XD

  19. Yugioh GX had the most deck innovation for the MC. Did it on screen one time

  20. I taught some of my friends to play Pokémon tcg so that’s what I play mainly. My deck revolves around a grimsnarl card that does more damage to the opponent the more energy cards the opponents card has on it. It’s ability also forces all the opponent Pokemon to cost 1 more energy. So basically if u want to attack me, just know I’ll hit u a lot harder the next turn. I also have trainer cards like piers (immediately search ur deck for a dark Pokémon and energy card) to get my main attacker out and give them energies to attack ASAP.

  21. "any fool can know, the point is to understand" -Albert Einstein

    instead of asking why these card game shows don't try to do something different from Yugjoh, you should ask why Vanguard falls into the same formula like Yugioh after season 2. What makes the writers decide to switch to a formula when they demonstrate before that they know about card games?

    only then will you perhaps able write your own card game story, or discover why it was hard to sustain such plot that you empathize with their decision.

  22. Okay but has anyone watched that full deck discard to Exodia insta-win clip at around 4:00 in slow motion in it's entirety? Because holy, that's one incredibly interesting one round match. I don't play card games, but just thinking about all that must've gone into making these moves possible almost makes me want to.

  23. I browsed through a few comments, and saw no mention of Battle Spirits, so here I am. Battle Spirit Heroes is probably the closest to what you want that I can think of, very similar to vanguard season one (but with weird Japanese humor). It's never been dubbed, and is the 4th entry in the series (out of 10, currently). However, most of the series (this one included) is stand alone.

  24. I mean in the anime the duelists only own cards which are connected to them in some way, so if Yugi owned a time wizard than Joe should know that that card haves some kind of link with Yugis deck somehow.

  25. Fun fact: in the various animes the villians are the ones who have a deck built on a theme or strategy, and shows make it look as if THAT is "bad"

  26. Yeah that sounds interesting to you, but your idea for a card games does not sound like a franchise buildings shows.

  27. I've thought that they should make a yu-gi-oh manga where they actually play the game and turn that into the manga.

  28. 3 years late, but I think your suggestions only work if the viewer already knows the metagame of TCGs. And unless you want to spend 100 episodes building a single deck cause there's hundreds of cards you have to explain, it also requires the viewer to already know the game and it's rules, which clashes with what a card game anime fundamentally is trying to achieve, that is bringing in new people that never heard of your game.
    Also while studying a duel might be fun if you're the one doing it, watching someone study is not. And watching the exodia deck you sped up was easily one of the most boring duels I could ever imagine. There's a reason Yugioh doesn't spend an entire episode on a single FTK combo

  29. I clicked on this vid and immediately thought “ oh, he’s going to talk about vanguard.”

  30. I never ever like someone if the video doesn't touch my heart.
    And you're getting a like from me great video

  31. Joey also trades some cards with people on the boat to duelist kingdom

  32. I come from the Pokémon TCG where there are no sideboards, so your point about card anime not incorporating that element doesn’t have to apply

  33. Weevil did the card trick to Joey in a tournament. He tricked him into putting the bug card in his deck.

  34. Really, I think what we need is to have Games Workshop bring on BruvaAlfabusa to write and produce an anime about Paradox-Billiards-Vostroyan-Roulette-Fourth-Dimensional-Hypercube-Chess-Strip Poker.

  35. my favorite part of card games is building theme decks which is why i like the yugioh anime, they have so many archetype themed decks even if a lot of the early ones are bad. wish there was a magic anime with all the theme decks.

  36. The Shadowverse anime still has to be the most annoying one in this regard. Every fucking time Hiro draws that goddamn ignis dragon EXACTLY when he needs it. Its so predictable, its almost charming again.
    For some reason I kinda still enjoy watching it, but maybe thats because I really like Shadowverse.
    Or whats left of it in the Switch version, since the official Game is just completely broken at this Point. xD
    But since you already ask what makes me like it – well, I do dig the overall concepts alot, and the fact that you can completely lose the match while at Full Life Points to someone who is quite literally at his last one, in a single turn. xD

  37. you know what's really funny? after all this talk of "minimizing luck" and "planning ahead". I am reminded of the fact that one of the currently most popular decks in Hearthstone is the one that packs it full of nothing but spell cards and the one spell card that changes every spell card in your deck to a random one (with slightly less cost I think)

  38. I play Pokémon my deck is victine and I like the strategy that goes into each passing turn and countering the counters to your counter and before that finding out there decks weakness.

  39. One issue for Yugioh is the fact that Yugioh was not originally a series meant to SELL a card game… the card game was a toy for the SERIES….

    Think about it… the card game existed for the sake of the series…

    That's the main issue about your argument for Yugioh…

    I don't know about the other series… but for that one at least… it was not a show created to sell the cards…

  40. I am making my own tcg I will post about on my channel soon if you want you can subscribe

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