The Problem With Card Game Anime -

The Problem With Card Game Anime

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Anime about Trading Card Games like yugioh are never really about Trading Card Games, and that sucks, because I like Card Games. Oh no. the phrase “card games” has lost all meaning.
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In the depths of his Mother’s Basement, Geoff Thew creates videos analyzing the storytelling techniques of anime and video games. He has been named the number one Worst YouTube Anime Reviewer by The Top Tens.


  1. yeah you have no idea what your talking about LOL

  2. Alright, here's my pitch: The Anime starts out with a group of Absolutely Regular High Schoolers™ that play the hot new Trading Card Game, but without much strategy at first, until they get their asses handed to them by some more seasoned players who start explaining the concept of proper deckbuilding to them and help them actually understand the game.

    At the beginning of their training, however, the world gets invaded by the local Egyptian Gods/Evil Wizards/Shadow Organisation, who try to take over the world using this card game because [insert justification here]. They easily win every match by explicitly having a power akin to "The Heart of the Cards", or incredible luck, or, to put in bluntly, cheating – for them, there is no uncertainty, they know and control which card they draw at any point in the match (provided it's in their deck), so they don't deal with foolish matters of synergy or stalling or whatever… They just take the strongest cards in the game and "just so happen" to draw them when they need them.

    As the story progresses, the protagonists get better and better at building their decks around their specific strategies (each of which, of course, mirrors the player's own personality), and learn to counter the rather obvious, if unfairly strong, methods of the villains, to the point where they are able to easily defeat them and restore peace to the world, since even the most insane luck won't fare well against an actual strategy if your only way of playing is "I have the bestest cards, what else do I need?".

  3. I'm a huge fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! Partially I just love coming up with summoning chants for the monsters when I summon them in just chill matches with friends XD I tend to play Performapals a lot, sometimes Phantom Knights and Elemental Heroes. ^^

  4. I'd argue that Chaotic perfected the dichotomy between the fiction of the lore in the tcg and fun of the actual game in tcg

  5. Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! archetypes are either Red Eyes, Shaddoll, or Utopia/Utopic

  6. I realllly liked this video good job dude. On and off competitive yugioh player since 2006. Hard agree with this point i felt weirdly seen, i dont enjoy cardgame anime as an adult besides DM/GX for memes/nostalgia. Right now I mostly play gods unchained which is pretty much a new hearthstone kind of game but you can sell cards for crypto.

  7. Basically, TCG animes should be done like sports animes.

    Edit: I made this comment before min 9:56

  8. I think you're exactly right and as to when it comes for always improving your deck that's what I do I play Yu-Gi-Oh and I started it as a kid not for what it was as the big world saving thing but because I thought it could be a fun game where I could always switch up my strategy to try to be the best it doesn't give you one continuous luck streak you constantly have to improvise and change and that's why I like it and as you asked what kind of deck do we use or do I use it's almost never the same deck I'm always changing it and strategizing I pretty much never have the same deck for when I first started I started with Yugi's deck but then I went to more mix of Yugi and kaiba to be coming a bit of Yugi kaiba and Mai to be coming a kaiba and Joey deck it just always changes I never have the same deck and that's what makes it fun

  9. Is it really douchy or is it a sign of faith that Yugi believes Joey will make it far enough to con him like that?

  10. Do you remember the episode where weevil tricks Joey into putting parasite parricide into his deck?

  11. Didn’t Weevil sneak a few of his parasites into Joey’s deck once?

  12. i do want to say though top decking a card is the best feeling ever

  13. Magic has this with real actors – it's called Friday Nights 😁…

  14. psssh talk to my mathmech deck my deck is all over the place but gets me to my ace geomathmech final sigma

  15. "Jokes on you,I activated the quick play spell,subscribed. I negate your trap card and I get to special summon as many as possible lvl 4 or lower monsters from my gy."

  16. You would love the Yugioh OCG structures manga then. It’s a more realistic take on the card game and how it’s played. They even switch decks to mirror new product releases

  17. Ok, but have you heard of Animar in MTG? Animar is the key, everything is built to help Animar in some way, and I really don’t need a side-deck (also i don’t think they are nearly as much of a thing in Commander, and are definitely not in the circles that I play in, and they are built around a focus being able to have the commander) I can and have won on turn 5 with enough luck, but typically games are not that long if I’m able to keep Animar out for more than one turn, and my deck is still able to hold out because Animar let’s me cheat out really powerful creatures early, so there are a higher than average amount I think of big expensive bruisers, and I’ll usually play a lot at once or have enough mana to use on my counter spells. In summary Animar let’s me play my deck like it’s in a card game anime, out of the ass wins from single pulls and all

  18. There is a yugioh manga which entirely focuses on a kids supernatural power to build decks

  19. I think 95% of anime card buyers are kids so the shows are aimed at them, like wixxos which used to be pretty dark and now it became a kids show to appeal to the card buying audience

  20. Yu-gi-oh did that again actually in Zexel.

  21. I am gonna make an Anime called "Trading Card Sport" and it is a Deconstruction of all Card Game Anime. The First Episode is called "The Band Card" and it pisses everyone off because nobody can use it anymore. PLOT TWIST! THESE CHARACTERS ACTUALLY USE CARD SLEEVES! This story's conflict is on the pay to win aspects of TCGs and how we deal them in the Card Game Community. There are no villans but rich kids that find ways to break the game. Episodes will be parodying Counter-Fit Cards, Misprints and and Card Conditions.

  22. I'm here waiting for the madoka magica of card game anime.

  23. If nothing else. I kinda wanna watch vanguard now

  24. what i would love to see is linking a decks strategy to personality. A combo player who always had control over his rich life being dumpstered by mono-red aggro timmy who could only affort commons but noticed they can work together. A player getting horrifying flashbacks to their abusive childhood while playing against stacks or stall deck and experiencing the feeling of being helpless, only to emerge victorius through sideboarding in a hate card gifted by a close friend

  25. Somewhere, there’s a parallel universe where Pokémon was a card game anime

  26. You are looking for something like Hikaru no go. ^_^

  27. Nah I'd rather have my Egyptian shadowgames stories 😂

  28. Wow ! I have happy to find someone who has actually heard of , saw and even liked it . It one of the first anime I have ever seen.

  29. I used to play TCGs, mostly Magic, I did buy one of the starter decks of YuGiOh. The problem with YuGiOh as a card game is that cards in print DID NOT WORK AS THEY DID ON THE SCREEN. You have a crappy common card, stars, attack, and defense matched those in the anime, the problem was the one in the anime had an ability and a HIDDEN ability. stuff like that was kind of a turn-off for the YuGiOh TCG.

    I think the grounded show you suggest would be super interesting. Having someone "discover" the card game, getting a pre-built deck, struggling to win, and slowly figuring out with some trial and error on how to build a deck that wins, maybe getting some advice from friends/enemies, would be interesting. Watching them buy new packs of the brand new set and comparing what they got with their friends etc. normal stuff everyone does.

    I hadn't played Magic the gathering for years. I was talking with some of the high schoolers I worked with, found out they played magic. Went down to the store, bought specific cards and covers. Spend $40 on the deck $40 on the sleeves. Meet my co-worker at the local Library and then proceeded to curb stop him. The only time I lost was when I had 1 land in my opening hand and then had to wait for 15 turns to draw my second land. I gave him a bunch of suggestions on how to improve his decks, he took my advance, and then his buddy no longer wanted to play him. His improved decks were too much for his friend. While I miss playing TCGs, I don't miss spending all that money constantly to get the new cards needed to keep my decks competitive.

  30. You do a lot of good work. But this is my favorite piece you've done. Good work.

  31. I'm recently coming from watching "Best pring 2021 anime" and you added CF VG Overdress in honorable mentions even if it's not a part of the main video I really do hope to see your take on the new era of Vanguard once it gets further in development. Id like to see your take on if they've returned to that of or better than the first two seasons of Vanguard before Link Jooker or thought on critical topics or what could be better.

  32. Three years later I still play Hearthstone, I stopped playing yu-gi-oh , too much power creep and the competitive scene sucks, I got scammed out of some tournaments.

  33. Yeah i think the planning and strategy in World Trigger makes me feel like it could work other places. They have idea for what battle plans might work given their strengths and try to execute it, sometimes luck plays a factor and sometimes things don't go as planned in the real world. I think it could work.

  34. then i would recommend: destroy all of humanity. it can't be regenerated

  35. I know this video is old and came out before it was published, but I really hope "Destroy all Humankind. They can't be regenerated" gets an Anime adaptation. I love it, but seeing you nerd out about it would be probably equally amazing.

  36. anyone else get a very weird MTG musical ad during this vid?

  37. There is a manga, can't remember the name of sadly, that's ask about the strategy of the deck building.
    This girl most avoids playing this world's Duel Monsters, but her Dad loses all the family's money. So she enters a torment just to get the grand prize and pay off the debt.
    We see her build her side deck, other players trying to get inside info on their opponents deck strategies, building counter decks, the whole shebang!
    It's a really emotional series, that also teaches you about deck building.

    But fuck for the life of me I can't remember the name T-T

  38. In other words, card game animes try to be DBZ when they should be pro-wrestling.

  39. When I used to play YuGiOh TCG, I used to play decks that I thought had a fun concept rather than how competitive the deck was.
    I played Lunalights because I liked the synergy of the cards, Deskbots because I liked the thought of these tiny little mechs taking down monolithic beasts and deities was funny. And SPYRALS because I like James Bond and Metal Gear

  40. I'm an avid player of vanguard's G series, and I use a Vermillion/ Crimson Deck engine and profile, which clears the front row, I think I'm one of those players that doesn't do research on my opponent and just go with the flow as I won a lot of cardfights fighting blind

  41. I actualy never thought about this but im happy to think about it

  42. Out of curiosity do people just collect anime-based card games for aesthetics?

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