The rise of digital card games, ccgs, & deck builders -

The rise of digital card games, ccgs, & deck builders

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What is a deck builder game?
In this video, we’ll explore the history of card collection games and digital card games, as we answer; What is a CCG, TCG, or Deckbuilder? How is card collecting a game? And why should you make one!

In 1993 Wizards of the Coast released, what many people view as the modern template for all CCGs, deckbuilders, & TCGs, Magic the gathering.

With the rise of the new digital marketplace, digital collectible card games are introducing a whole new audience to CCGs, TCG, & Deckbuilders.

Due to the financial & commercial success of CCGs like Hearthstone, both indie & large game development studios are looking to, not only get into, but expand & evolve the way CCGs are experienced & played.

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Ninja Vs Samurai – Indie Game Devlog 0 – Devlogs and Tutorial series

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  1. I do hope you still plan on making this tutorial series. I've been trying to find tutorials on how to make CCGs that expand upon it but haven't really found any good ones.

  2. I needed this, btw I am making a 2D tower defense sci fi game, I mean, I am on designs for now, do you have any tips to make ut better?

  3. looking forward to this series the cards and shaders look amazing loving the style.

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