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The Sopranos – Card games

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  1. How was anyone ever scared of that puny runt Benny?

  2. Those Sopranos poker games were nothing more than a glorified Go Fish tournament

  3. Borkos the new uploader, and he ain’t respecting old copyright arrangements.

  4. I've been going with the white Tshirt and track jacket look lately. Heavily influenced by Mikey's two guys in the first scene.

  5. Through watching these clips, Vito is actually pretty good at card games.

  6. Begging for more money to gamble away is an effective & underrated technique in making child support payments.

  7. Godfather's 50 anniversary is approaching on March. 24th.
    I wonder what Borko has for us? 🤔

  8. One of the geniuses in the ski masks was later shot by a parade float…near the penguin exhibit.

  9. Sunshine is low key someone who’d be a lot of fun to hang around.

  10. “Victory has a 100 fathers, but Furio needs 1,000 dollars”

  11. @5:38 I learned in jail to deal from the bottom of the deck. That guy is a mechanic. They can pull any cards from anywhere and you literally have to look at him every time he deals. You can see it tho he’s bottom dealing.

  12. Let’s be honest, sunshine had it coming.. that was satisfying as fuck when he got pumped full of lead.. all he had to do was shut the farrrkk up.

  13. Paulie to Johnny Sac: "I was just sayin that to Youtube, that maybe Borko, fundamentally, don't respect HBO."

    Johnny Sac to Paulie: "HBO asks about you. They think the world of you."

  14. " Jackie how could you miss from this distance ? "
    " You got a problem wit what I did Dino? "

  15. 4:30 Patsy, “You blew the whole 12 grand?”
    Tony B, “What are you stupid? I got $400 left.”
    LOL…technically Tony B is right. Losing $11,600 of $12,000 is not the whole thing….just 96.7% of it….😂😂😂😂

  16. Sunshine deserved to die with those stupid quotes.

  17. Now Aj is now a poker player in real life

  18. Shoulda slipped the Goodfella's game in where Pesci shoots Spider… Then you would truly be at the precipice of a great crossroads

  19. Terminator and Superman are degenerate gamblers

  20. Not for anything, God bless HBO, but they are living in the wrong century. And Borko knows it.

  21. @2:34 David wins with NO FLUSH and no one sees it. Had a Straight Draw and flipped over 4 hearts.

  22. HBO: Borko, do you know who you are robbing?

  23. Dylan McDermott was my favorite character, they should have done more with him.

  24. Makes me want to play seven card stud in a motel room

  25. Nicholson’s girlfriend was a good character. They should’ve done more of her

  26. Anybody want a drink?

    Cue the dummies kicking in the door like the fucking Koolaid man 😂 never ceases to make me laugh 😆

  27. In light of recent uploads its an honor to be joined by sopranos clips

  28. Cheese Fuck was my favourite character, I wish they'd done more with that guy.

  29. This is Juniors game now, and he ain't respectin old cheese fucks

  30. How is Richie Vito's uncle and he is Adriana's uncle, and Jackie Jr. Uncle but none of them interacted like family. Hell Vito and Jackie wanted to fucked the lining out of their own cousin.

  31. No Junior card game? No Benny the criminal mastermind card game? No feech la manna card game? No Paulies Ma hitting on 16? No Jackie hitting? What happened to this thing of ours? Borko doesn’t have any respect for this thing, he’s never been suspended by YouTube, not really.
    I want a sit down.

  32. Ohhh borkooooo!! Good to see you and does anyone know what happened to Don Junior’s channel??? They strike him out the game or something?

  33. 3:56 "NO HOPE IN DOPE". Earlier: "Let's do it before the crank wears off!"

  34. I ♥️ The Sopranos
    I was so blessed watching this on HBO as a 11 year kid. Never gets old.

  35. Can anybody spot me a like? Just until the next comment? I'm in to Borko for at least 35 boxes of licorice.

  36. It's like Vito knew at Richie's game Davie was a naive addict and they were gonna bleed him dry

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